Monday, November 29, 2010

Prematurity Awareness Month

I know I'm at the end of this, but...November is Prematurity Awareness Month and wow has that been a huge think for our family! March of Dimes is having a special campaign honoring and remembering preemies and I'd like to encourage anyone that is able to donate!

Click here to donate in memory of Katelyn and celebration of Brennan, Landon and Brooklyn! (Search for her first and last name)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Landon's Silly Faces!

How can you not LOVE this kid!?

Here's some more...we just had so much fun! He was in a great mood this morning and I couldn't help take pictures and laugh!! :)

A video to top it all off!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Glasses, sippy cups - catching up!

Wow...lots of catching up!! First things first - Glasses!! We picked up the boys' glasses Thursday and now all the babies match :) Brennan and Landon are totally fine wearing them and actually seem to like it! They can actually see now! Of course, Hailey picked out the colors, if you were wondering!
Here's the crew with their new glasses! We're trying to peer pressure Brooklyn into keep hers on. She generally pulls them right off as soon as we put them on!
Brennan loves his! Doesn't he look like the kid in A Christmas Story?

Landon actually looks good in sea foam green!

Next big news - Sippy cup!! Brooklyn is actually drinking out of a sippy cup sometimes! We've been experimenting different types to see what she likes the best. It took a little bit to get used to the flow because it comes out faster than a bottle, but she put it right to her mouth as soon as we gave it to her! She's so smart and eager to learn! LOVE that!

Big girl!

Also an update on Hailey...she's doing so well in school and is an awesome big sister! She amazes us everyday with how smart and caring she is! Nich had a great idea and we made homemade personal pizzas a couple weeks ago. She made her own - ALL by herself! Spread out the sauce, pineapple, ham, pepperoni and cheese! It was sooo good and she was so proud of herself!

The next couple pictures are just having fun at home....the best! Brooklyn is our early riser, but this particular morning, she slept in and the boys crashed her crib! :) She LOVED it though!

She had just woken up and she's wondering what is going on?! Who's in my bed?!

Hailey was a rocking chair for the babies! I had to hold the baby on her back and was by myself so couldn't take a picture of it happening, but just imagine how funny! :)

Our family has been so blessed! All the kids are doing really well and making such great progress in their own way and at their own pace, but at least it's progress! Quick update on each baby:

Brennan - The major thing he's working on is his vision, sitting up and crawling. He's got the jumping and rolling down for sure, just isn't quite interested in the next steps. He had a sedated eye exam back at Beaumont last week and we learned his retinas are fully attached and there is no scarring on them! There is scarring elsewhere in his eye, but it's really important that the retina is fully intact. The doctors were really glad that he was interested in seeing and think he's making excellent progress! The other skills will come once he can get his vision on track. His eyes still constantly race, but just imagine not being able to focus on things well and trying to keep your balance. It's tough! He's such a sweet, funny and energetic baby - so much fun then he flashes that full face smile and silly giggle!

Landon - He's a little stinker...he could swallow all along! He's working on feeding by mouth to someday get rid of the Gtube! It doesn't look to be in the near future, but he's up to taking 1-2oz (out of 4) by mouth. On the right track! He also visited Pulmonary clinic and we only heard good news! We went 10 minutes without oxygen and didn't drop below 88%! His lungs also sound way better, but they're not going to do any tweaking until after RSV/winter seasons. He also saw neurosurgery and the hydrocephalus looks good and his shunt is working properly! We got the go ahead to keep him on the floor longer and he doesn't need to be on an incline! The nap nanny still works out really well so we're going to keep him in there for sleeping, but he can play! This will really help his development to practice rolling, crawling, holding his head up more often! Just like Brennan, Landon is such a sweet baby and so determined! We're so proud of him!

Brooklyn - She is so full of life! This little girl is going! She is sitting up by herself, scooting (she gets on all 4's when she looks at something then to move, she flatens right back down to her scooting position!), standing when you hold onto her! The major thing she's working on is crawling on all 4's and standing!!! She loves her big sister and likes being right in the action! Last weekend she tripled her appetite and she's eating us out of house and home! She's snacking, eating lots of baby food and doing such a great job! She's really catching up fast and setting a good example for the boys!