Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Youngest Volunteer

Hailey is the official youngest volunteer at Tendercare Nursing Home. Lately we've been taking her babies for walks and roaming the halls of the nursing home. She helps push the residents in their wheelchairs and shows off her babies as they eat their meal. We visit a couple ladies that are a little more coherent in the common room. They absolutely LOVE her! We always walk down each hall to wave and say "Hi" to every resident that is in their room. It's really neat that she's not afraid of any of their machines or of all the new faces. She is just excited that they're in "strollers" too!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More pictures...

More cute pictures!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Fun!

Happy Memorial Day! We had a great day with friends - Jen & Mike came over and Brittney & Nick were here. We had ribs, corn and watermelon and it was a perfect day! Mike & Nich rota-tilled our garden while Jen, Britti, Nick and I played with Hailey. She was playing with her new sandbox and bball hoop (thanks Nanny & Papa!).

She played in her sandbox most of the afternoon! She buried her toys, her toes and even mommy's toes! (It's so hard to get her to look at the camera now!) She played so hard she fell asleep while I was getting dinner ready! We're hoping she doesn't wake up hungry at 2am! It's been a fun filled weekend!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Best Friends...

There isn't a really good story about this picture, but it's SOOO CUTE!!! Some nights during bath Hailey and Sugar take turns drinking out of the faucet. Today I caught them sharing! :)

New Swing Set

So hopefully I've got everything set up right for a video this time! Make sure you have your sound on high, she's got a soft voice!

A lady from our church donated this swing set to Hailey and the ENTIRE way home from the lady's house we kept hearing "slide! slide! slide!" She had a slide next to her and there are so many houses that have a slide in their yard too! Now that she recognizes them, it seems like they're everywhere! The past 3 days (since the swing set's been up) we've been outside swinging, using the teeter-totter, and going down the slide time after time! It's great that she loves to be outside though!

Here's a picture of her swinging with Crackle...she takes such good care of her babies!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ring around the rosies...

Hailey plays a mean ring around the rosies! Yesterday at day care all the kids were playing and having fun. Then came the "all fall down" part and Hailey really fell hard! Daycare thought she was just tired since it was just before nap time, so she slept for two hours. When she woke up she was still holding her harm like it hurt. They called me because she wasn't using it all together even when they were washing babies...her favorite thing! I hurried to daycare and called the Nurse Advisor (medical hotline through Foote) who told me to take her right in to ER. Turns out she dislocated her left shoulder when she fell down. They had to take some x-rays which Hailey wasn't a fan of and they think wrestling with her for them might have popped it back into place. We left the hospital with a cute dinosaur patterned sling and a sprained shoulder.

She's such a trooper! When we were leaving the hospital, she was walking out with her arm in the sling saying "thank you!" and "bye-bye!" to all the nurses!

Here she is earlier tonight still playing--just with a handicap! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hailey's New Room!!

Tonight we moved Hailey upstairs. She has a huge room! She helped us move some of the little things, like her stuffed animals, books, etc and Nich and I moved her rocking chair, crib and dresser up. We had to disassemble her crib to fit it through the doorway and then had quite a time getting it back together upstairs! Hailey was such a little helper!! She helped hold the pieces together so Nich could put the screws in. She helped me and Alice (our neighbor) carry her mattress upstairs. She handed Nich the screws and allen wrenches. She was just so proud of her new room! Here are some pictures of it! It's pink (sweet melon to be exact) and orange (similar to her old room).