Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Landon gets his helmet!

Back in January/early February when Landon was so sick he was paralyzed and only laid on one side of his head for so long - he was so unstable that they let him do whatever he needed to do to remain stable. Slowly he started to move his head side to side, and we had to try to only give him stimulation on his left side. Now he doesn't show much preference and moves his head all on his own but his head is still flat (Plagiocephaly). We've let it go for a couple weeks to see if it would reshape on its own, but didn't have much luck. It was changing, but not very fast so we decided to get a cranial helmet. Here's pictures of the crew at the doctor's!

So handsome! He's so excited to get his helmet!! :)

Brennan couldn't care less - slept through the entire appointment!

Man oh man! Brooklyn having so much fun!

Here's my little baby with his helmet! For the next 3 days he has to wear it for a couple hours at a time to help him get used to it. Then after Thursday, wearing it for 23 hours per day! It should take between 3-6 months to reshape his head. After that, it won't do much good. We'll see how he does! So far he's still getting used to it - it's tough for him to get comfortable so we're experimenting different positions and propping him up so it's more comfortable. He's so cute!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New glasses and New bed!

No, not for the same kid! :) Brooklyn got her glasses today and Hailey got a new bed set!!

Brookyln's the first of the bunch to get her glasses! Her prescription is -13.5, super near sighted! She did a pretty good job keeping them on but it's so hard when she's playing - she likes to suck on the nose piece! She was rolling around with them on and it didn't come off, so I guess that's good. She doesn't mind them when she's being held either. I really don't think they fit and that might be part of the goofy-lookingness. Brennan and Landon get their prescriptions next month so they'll all have them! What a sight! :)

My coworker needed to get rid of her bunk bed set because her kids were getting too old for it. It was perfect for us!! Hailey's using it until the babies are ready and she LOVES it!! We had a couple helpers tonight and we were able to get her room all switched around, cleaned and organized. She helped and kept asking when she could mop her floor! She loves to clean and organize - I hope that never goes away!

Disney at the Park

Yesterday was Disney at the Falls at a local park and we were so excited to take Hailey! I really miss doing fun things with her, but it's so hard to do with both of us working and the babies' demanding schedule! We ventured out about 7 last night and Hailey had the time of her life! Her friend Ella met us there and the two of them were unstoppable! :)

This picture turned out blury, but I like it! The fast paced, best friend kind of fun! :)

I just love Hailey's smile here! There was some pretty off looking Disney characters, but she didn't notice and was just as excited to meet them and get her picture taken! She had just gotten done hugging Minnie!

Daddy and the babies got in on the fun too! We took the double stroller and a backpack carrier for the third, which alternated between Brennan & Brooklyn. Landon came home being too big for it!
Winnie the Pooh! They gave him high-fives so hard it knocked his head off! Notice the white strings on his shirt holding is head on! :) We got a kick out of the costumes, but the kids didn't even notice!
Ok so Cinderella came out of the tunnel and I hadn't even seen her yet, but Hailey gasped! "Mommy! Mommy! Cinderella's here!" She was so shy but so warmed up quickly to her beloved princesses. It was really cute, as we were driving home (before all the festivites had ended) Hailey asked where they were going to sleep tonight, are they going all the way back to their castles? SO cute!!

I love this video of Hailey! We were doing the Mickey Mouse march around the ampitheater with all the characters and she was just cracking up! Apparently she gets giddy when she's super excited!! It was a lot of work, but so worth it! Just to see the awe and joy on her face was incredible! I can't wait do more things like this!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Splish Splash Landon's taking a bath!

He is doing so well moving around and just loves his bath! Our pediatrician isn't concerned about CP with Landon, just developmental delays....you might want to read that again! :) He has 3 brain issues that each hve a high risk of CP on their own! He's equally moving both arms and legs. There isn't anything He can't do! God, thank you for the reminder that you're in control all the time. Nich and I were talking yesterday about having a different feeling with Landon. In the NICU we were so positive, so hopeful because all the babies were just busting the "typical 23 weeker" box and now we're seeing the realization of the delays and problems our kids might face long term. It's really hard to face and accept, but then Landon smiles and melts your heart. Whatever our rough road has in store, we're so grateful for life!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How can you not smile?!

How can you not smile?! We were goofing around waiting for my best friend to have a baby (!!!) in the hospital waiting room and snapped this picture on my phone...I LOVE this girl! Just a bright smiley Hailey to brighten your day! She brightens mine everyday!! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sharing stories

We live next to a nursing home and even when Hailey was little she's always wanted to go inside and visit. We used to go weekly until I went on bed rest with the quads. I just love old people and I love that Hailey does too! Hailey's so proud to show her brothers and sister new things, so fittingly at the end of our walk yesterday she wanted to go through the nursing home. As you can imagine, we attract quite a crowd - Hailey was in heaven. She passed out the flowers we had collected on our walk to some women in the hallway on the west side then headed to the east side where there's hardly any residents, but we didn't want to miss anyone! The night nurse asked if she could help us find someone, but we were just looking for someone to say hi to. She led us into a room of two of the sweetest elderly women! She asked them if they were up for a visit from a family and they were! By all means! :)

We headed in. Verla was the only one in at the time, but Hailey jumped right up on her bed and "met" her. Side note - we've been working with Hailey to meet people first, before just hugging them! Verla had poor eyesight, oxygen, very frail and her false teeth soaking. Hailey thought the teeth soaking was really neat and such a great way to clean her teeth - no brushing needed! Sorry Grandpa - I told her that's how you cleaned your teeth too so she might ask about it!! :) Verla was very coherent. She listened to every word Hailey said and asked her silly questions that made her laugh. Hailey was in her element, her laughter echoing in the hall! After they visited for probably 15 minutes, Hailey went out with Daddy to see who else was there and I got a chance to talk with her. She wondered about the babies and how in the world I could have had that many! As I was telling her their story and our journey she just kept saying "Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord!" Later, I thought, that's exactly right! Praise the Lord for all he has done and brought us through!! The babies are such testimonies of His love, the power of prayer and love of the church. They have been lifted in prayer from the moment we found out about them and they will do incredible things! They're not even a year old and have made such an impact on this world with their strength and willingness to be used by Him. We have been through so much this year, but it is only making us stronger in Christ and able to share our testimony with so many. Thanks for the reminder Verla, Praise the Lord!