About Us

We're the Pollaks!  We've been blessed with incredible kids and want to share our miracles, loves, faith and life!  This blog's about everyday life with multiples, survivors and an awesome big sister!  Hailey was full term and is flourishing!  Brennan, Landon, Brooklyn and Katelyn were born at 23 weeks 1 day.  They are doing so great!  Definitely have their challenges, but we're working through!  Owen is our newest addition, only 1/2 hour before his due date and a huge blessing and perfect fit in our family!

Join us on our journey!


She's 9 and absolutely incredible!  She's so proud to be a big sister and has so much patience with her brothers and sister!  She takes such good care of them and teaches them all she knows!  She is so full of life and a precious gift!  She truly helps us see the world and our faith through the eyes of a child!


Brennan is Baby A!  He was born weighing 1lb 4oz, spent 130 days in the NICU, has had 14 surgeries and is now making tremendous strides!  He's the strongest medically but has challenges with his vision, fine motor skills, sensory input, and has a little cognitive delay.  Brennan's very sensitive, but the happiest boy I've ever met! 


Landon is Baby B!  He was born weighing 1lb 7oz, spent 225 days in the NICU, has had 16 surgeries and is on his own timeline!  He has pretty significant impairments, struggles with BPD, feeding, hearing, vision, cognitive and developmental delays.  Landon is such a sweet and determined little boy!   


Brooklyn is Baby D!  She was born the smallest, weighing 1lb 3.5oz, spent 139 days in the NICU, has had 5 surgeries and is such a strong willed little girl!  Her strength has helped her overcome so much!  She struggles with BPD and her vision, but has caught up developmentally!  Her and Hailey are quite a team!   


Katelyn is Baby C!  She was born weighing 1lb 5oz and lived 3 precious days.  She left way too soon but has left such an imprint on our lives.  We are so thankful for your life and all that God has taught and shown us through you!


Owen is our newest addition!  The month after we got rid of all our baby stuff we found out we were pregnant!  He was quite a surprise but the perfect fit to our family.  He's such a sweet, happy baby that just lights up our house!  The kids are so good with him and he's a good sport to let them play so closely with him!