Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

Sorry about the delay...we were waiting to get a video, but had some technical difficulties. :)

One of my favorite parts of Easter is dying eggs and we decided to share that joy with Hailey Easter afternoon. I think we were a little over prepared for a huge mess, which was a good surprise! We both changed our clothes, took Hailey's off and got an old blanket to cover the floor. We put the dye into mugs of water and showed Hailey the carton of eggs, and let her go!

At first she was trying to crack the eggs because we make scrambled eggs so much, but she was having trouble. We showed her once how to dunk the eggs in the color and she picked it up so fast! In no time she had all the eggs colored! She even knew to only let one egg in the color at a time! It's amazing how big she's getting - I keep forgetting how much she can do on her own! (Her new phrase is "I'll do it!") Below is a picture of the big girl! (she doesn't even care we're there!)

Here's our finished product. Pretty good for 21 month old! There were a couple casualties that we lost along the way. She was getting cocky and threw a couple eggs into the mugs and they cracked :)


Can she get any cuter?! Here's some pictures of Hailey in her Easter dress. It was hard to get a picture of her posing. I saw this one on the racks and it was exactly her personality! She loves it- as soon as I brought it home from the store she wanted to wear it. We kept telling her it was for Easter, which she had no concept of, except today. She was thrilled to wear her pretty dress! (This was GREAT since she's so picky about what she wears now. We've come into the "dress myself" stage) Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mommy & Hailey's Mystery Trip!

Hailey had been feeling pretty bad the last couple days, a cold, trouble sleeping, not eating much, a little winy, but super cuddley! She had a rough morning today but perked up enough to go to day care. I felt so bad sending her on her way when she didn't feel up to par. I called day care to check up on her around 11 and they said she wasn't the rambunctious energy ball she usually is, so I came home to cuddle and help her feel better.

We sat for about 15 minutes reading together when she perked up and said "Out!" She hopped off my lap and practically ran to the coat rack pointing at her jacket with all she had! I told her we'll just stay inside to get better. She looked at me, then back at the door & coat rack, "Out! Out!!" So we had a mommy daughter field trip to Goodwill-the CLEARANCE Goodwill! She had so much fun picking out clothes from the table, holding them up against herself, and throwing one's she liked in the cart! We found 25 pieces of clothing for $8, 29 cents each! My new favorite store...Clearance Goodwill. She's just starting to like dress up so we got a pink bunny costume (she'll hate me when she's older), lots of pants, shirts & a sweater (size 14) that she LOVED! The entire way we were jamming to Christmas Carols, yes in March :) She was singing and swaying in the backseat. On our drive home, she was sitting in her carseat with a cup of snacks on her lap, her right leg hung over the side and singing and looking out the window - I just looked at her and smiled. It was the perfect mystery trip!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Post EVER

Ok so I'm so new to this, but figured with Hailey growing so fast and family & friends all over it's probably time to start. Thanks Shelby! :) Welcome to the Pollak Family blog! More exciting posts to come I'm sure!