Thursday, September 18, 2008

Talking on the phone already!

Isn't this so precious! I was on my way to a meeting at church and called to talk to Nich but Hailey answered! She's getting so big that we can talk on the phone together! Thankfully Britt grabbed her camera to catch this! :)

Cute snapshot to go with it! I just LOVE her!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ta Da!!

Amish Bread! 10 days ago Shelby gave me the starter and I think I made her proud! :) You leave it on your counter for 10 days while it stinks up your whole kitchen, but man is it worth it! The bread started smelling up our house (good this time) within 1/2 hour of baking. Now for round 2 since I only have one bread pan. Pretty soon all of you readers will have a starter for yourself! Every 10 days you bake the bread and give away 3 starters to friends! Friendship Bread!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Binder Park Zoo

I know I've said it before, but we are so lucky to have such great friends! Hailey and Riley are like best buds now and last weekend we all went to the zoo together. The girls were so cute together and we all had a lot of fun! Shelby beat me on posting our pictures, so you'll have to take a look at hers too!

The girls were brave enough to pet the little goats. Last time we took Hailey she wouldn't go in, but this time she was practically chasing the goats because she wanted to pet them!

They walked around most of the day either holding hands or walking right next to each other! The girls had just pet the goats, saw the rabbits and guinea pigs (or Mimi's as Hailey calls them. Her pet at daycare is a guinea pig named Mimi who only speaks Spanish!) when they saw the BIG slide! They were really excited to climb up the stairs, but not quite as excited to go down the slide...

Here's Hailey...shot right out of there!

Where's Riley?

Is she coming?

Daddy, do you see her?

There she is! Riley kinda got stuck at the top but enjoyed it! It didn't really take Riley that long to come down, we just thought it was hilarious that Hailey kept changing positions while she was looking for her! :)

The girls posing on an old wooden horse! There were lots of good photo ops!

Hailey and Daddy just chillin'. Don't you just love her sunglasses! She likes to wear them wherever we go now!

Group shot of all of us! Riley, Ty, Shelby, Lincoln, Me, Nich, Hailey!

Friday, September 12, 2008

JC Penney Pictures!

I'll have quite a few posts coming this weekend...I had 263 pictures on my camera since Labor Day weekend! Lots to come!

A couple weeks ago we got family pictures and some individual pictures of Hailey and they came in today! I took a picture of a picture so they're not the best, but still adorable! :)I love that Hailey's getting older because now we can really see how much she's looking like each of us! She definitely has a lot of her dad in her!

These two are my favorites!! The photographer managed to grab her camera just in time! After she took the top one Hailey just laid on the pedestal and we were able to get the perfect picture!

I was holding the flowers and we got a couple cute shots, but all of a sudden she picked up the watering can and started watering the flowers! She's such a sweetheart! I really like this batch of pictures because they're so Hailey!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Go Blankie!

Sorry about the angle but adorable video of Hailey and I dancing! Be sure to catch Hailey cheering on her blankie while it's dancing! :)

Have to tell you all I love that when Hailey laughs really hard she gets the hiccups! That happened tonight before bed and I love to get her laughing but kinda felt bad because I asked her to go to bed before hiccups were gone. Luckily she obliged after showing her new animals around her crib!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Monday

I know I left you all just hanging on the edge of your seats yesterday waiting to find out what we did Monday....but I have a super great story today! (real quick, promise!) Today on my drive home I didn't have to wait to turn left onto West Ave....I got all lights green....and pedestrians kept to the sidewalk! I know event number 1 & 2 probably sound rare and exciting but in Albion, it's such a noteworthy time to not have to dodge pedestrians while you're driving on the road! :) I knew it was going to be a good night. And it WAS! I made meatloaf!!

Ok on to Monday: Woke up early AGAIN and this time I got to get up with Hailey. I was really grumpy and did not want to be up, but she just has this way of making you smile and enjoy being with her! She and I shared a couple bowls of cereal. First Cheerios then Honey Bunches of Oats. Shared a couple bowls because she ate hers (Cheerios) then wanted some of mine (Honey Bunches of Oats) so I put a couple spoonfuls into her bowl then she gave me some back. She really takes care of me! After our breakfast she helped me do laundry. She brought armfuls of laundry out into the dining room where she picked up clothes for me to fold. Then we woke up Daddy to go to FULL BLAST water park! She was thrilled to get her "suit on" and kept saying "bye-bye," "Mommy suit on," "Daddy suit on" over and over! Here's some pictures of her playing in the water!
It took awhile to warm up to the water park, but she really had fun with the fountains! They had a zero entry pool so we didn't have to worry too much and she felt pretty independent being able to come and go as she pleased and not be held all the time!

She was rolling in the water like she did in the sand at the beach! Luckily she knew enough to stick out her hands when she rolled!

We stayed at Full Blast for about 1.5 hours - the right amount of time for her to enjoy it but not get too grumpy. Daddy packed a wonderful lunch and we drove to a bridge park to eat. We had to keep talking to Hailey on the drive to keep her awake enough to eat at the park!

Nothing too special about this picture I just love her pink spandex bike shorts!

Family picture on a train bridge. This park was so cool! It had old bridges from all across the state! We had a great time and just relaxed the rest of the day!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day weekend! aka longest blog ever!

This weekend was definitely one for the books! We certainly had highs and lows!

Friday: Nich and I both got home from work early (which never seems to happen at the same time)!!! We both walked down to daycare to surprise Hailey with a walk and brought her wagon and baby. I walked in first to get her (Daddy was parking the wagon since we were running a little late) and she was excited as always to see whoever is picking her up, but then Daddy walked in too! Her face just lit up to see both of us there together! Then lit up again when she saw wagon and baby!!

Saturday: Strategic day since we had to work our entire day around having a happy Hailey for pictures at 2:40. She woke up at 7am (not a good start...) and THANK YOU DADDY! let me sleep in (a good start for mommy...)! Not sure what they did for 2 hours...don't care - I was sleeping! Lunch was a little rocky since it was a little early, but we knew we had to get her down around 12 to get a full nap. Unfortunately 2 hours wasn't enough! I had to wake her up and get dressed quickly to head out the door. We brought snacks to perk her up a bit. Of course the studio was about 1/2 hour behind schedule. Hailey did just great though! (Pictures are coming Sept 12,and I'll post them. sooo cute!) While we were waiting to order the pictures she and Daddy went for a walk through the store and ran right past Grandma & Grandpa! Hailey was so excited when she realized who it was! They had come down to spend the evening with us and brought dinner. After ordering and not too much damage ($$) we headed home to visit. Grandma brought Hailey a new baby - this one with hair and a pretty dress! Hailey just loved on that baby a lot of the night (and still a couple days later!). They brought Chopseuy for dinner which was delicious. Hailey even thought so too! After dinner Grandpa taught Hailey Eskimo kisses. So cute!! We're so thankful for such a wonderful family that Hailey can grow up with!

Sunday: This was the rocky day...she woke up at 8 and we all laid in bed for almost an hour just cuddling and watching Sesame Street. Priceless moments as she turned to each of us and said Hi Mommy! Hi Daddy! then gave kisses. We decided our time that morning was too precious to go to first service, so we enjoyed ourselves, went to out to breakfast (Wendy's) the made our way EARLY to church! After church we stopped at Meijer to do what we planned to be a little grocery shopping but ended up being a lot more that we thought. It was definitely the sale week for us! Hailey was doing great so we decided to meet Erin Hause to pick up tools for Grandpa before heading home. Hailey fell asleep in the car on the way home and boy was that a mistake! She only took an hour long nap (since having no lunch) and was the grumpiest I have ever seen her! Daddy tried to change her out of her dress and the flood gates opened! I fixed lunch - dependable Easy Mac and oranges of which she ate 3 bowlfuls! The entire package, some mandarin oranges and crackers! She was really groggy but we didn't want her to just sit and watch TV all day (though we probably should have!) so we headed over to the park.

Her favorite swing was too hot (the one Daddy's swinging in) and there were older kids running all over and not really watching out for her. I did manage to snap a cute picture but the whining continued. We went on a slide outside of the play area and she was excited to climb up, but scared to go down. It was one she had played on many many times before and we finally convinced her to go down. She cried like she was scared to death! Decided to leave the park and get popsicles and hit up garage sales! Neither gas station had popsicles and we couldn't find any open garage sales. We decided to go to Frosty Dan's and get her some sugar and her very first ice cream cone....glad I had my camera!

Hailey's first ice cream cone! We got her and I both a small cone and asked for hers to be pretty small. She was thrilled until she saw Mommy's that was bigger. Sneaky girl eating my ice cream cone!Hmmm....which one to eat first... Her original cone on the right, mine on the left and Daddy got a slushy. Funny story! Nich had gotten up to go look at something, which left Hailey and I a little short handed with 2 ice creams and Daddy's slushy. She got a bright idea that she wanted to try his while he was gone and knocked it over. I caught it mid-drop but my thumb went all the way through the cup! Talk about not knowing your strength! That's why Daddy's is now double cupped.
Such a sweet picture of Hailey and Daddy!

This ice cream trip was one to treasure and perfect end to our hectic day Sunday!

Monday: more to come tomorrow...I'm pretty tired!