Friday, July 30, 2010

Sweet Potato Explosion

It's so fun now that the babies can eat baby food! They're having a ton of fun too! We haven't found anything they don't like yet, which makes it so easy! Hailey wasn't very picky either...they definitely don't get that from me!

The bowl, two spoons, keys to distract Brooke from grabbing the spoon! They share a 4 oz jar, but always finish it!

We love the new bouncer and use it all the time! So here's Brooklyn and Brennan after finishing their sweet potatoes. What a mess!! They really did eat some of it - promise! :)

Brennan's face was the cleanest but unfortunately he discovered his feet mid-dinner! Definitely bath time after this!

Sweet and curious as can be! Brooklyn covered in sweet potatoes! She even had it in her eye lashes! We have to give her a toy to play with while she eats so she doesn't grab the spoon after every bite! She's got quite a grip too!

After they got all cleaned up, big sister helped give Brooke her bottle! She was thrilled!! When Nich got home, she was trying so hard to tell him she fed Brooke all by herself, but she was so excited it took a good couple minutes to get it out! :) She is an amazing big sister!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun Multiples Pictures

When any of them are playing together, I can't resist taking pictures! Here's some of our favorite ones in the past couple days!

They do fit! Brooklyn was taking a bath and I was holding Brennan who was just itching to get in the tub, so...we did it! They were so cute!

Brennan just chillin!

Brooklyn wasn't too keen on Brennan invading her space! Would you expect anything else?!

Warning - the next picture is soooo cool! A friend Kelly sent this to us after using it with her triplets. I couldn't even imagine a triple bouncer, but it is amazing! Hailey helped me put it together tonight and was such a great helper!

I'm a little obsessed - I think this is the neatest thing ever and it's homemade out of PVC pipe! Even equipped with a toy bar! How ingenious?! We just need to get some more of the hanging toys!

This will make it so easy to feed, play, keep an eye on all of them! A huge thank you to Kelly!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Faith like a Child

Precious, Hailey is absolutely precious! Saturday after going to Kids N Stuff (hands on play museum) and before getting ready for the Hot Air Jubilee, she was playing with some Mylar balloons. One had princesses on it, the other an American flag. All of a sudden, she said "Mommy, I think Katelyn and Uncle Joe want these." So, we wrote out a note (she dictated and I wrote) and attached it to the balloons.We headed outside to send them up to Heaven and picked just the right spot so they wouldn't get caught in the tree again - the first time was pretty traumatizing! We waved goodbye, told the wind to take them right to Katelyn and Uncle Joe and watched the balloons fly away. She was so excited, only joy on her face that she was sending presents to her sister and uncle. I was fighting tears of sadness and beaming at how incredible my little girl was.

I took pictures and after the balloons were out of sight, we sat on the porch to look at them. As we were going through them, Hailey said "I've got a good idea! (she is full of "good ideas" :) ) You can get a new camera and we can send this one to Heaven!" When I asked why, she said so Katelyn and Uncle Joe could see us now and then Uncle Joe can take pictures and send it back to us!" How cool would that be?! If only it were that simple, we talked about them being able to watch over us in their breaks of playing and dancing with God. She thought that would be pretty cool! She's our little rock star already!

Probably a half hour later, she came back up to me and said "So first it was Papa Art's turn to die, then Katelyn's then it was just Uncle Joe's turn. When it's my turn to go to Heaven will you send me a butterfly balloon?" I just smiled and said "Of course! And when it's my turn will you send a smiley face balloon?" Precious - if only we had faith like a child. Jesus says all you need to do is believe. Death is so hard to understand, especially a baby's death, but the big picture is so simple. Jesus has prepared a room for each of us, when it's our turn we will be lovin Heaven too! Hailey is a perfect example of this remarkable faith. Thank you God for little reminders in the eyes of a precious child.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lovin the outside!

So tonight Hailey was at Vacation Bible School, Nich was out counseling, and it was BEAUTIFUL outside! I took the babies outside for some fresh air and got some adorable pictures! I just love these kids!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

9 months old and a new toy!

Wow, well back in the bloggin world. I haven't blogged in quite a while because I haven't known what to say. My brother was killed in Afghanistan 3 weeks ago now, June 16. I felt like I should blog about it, but honestly I'm not ready. Here's a link to a newspaper article and his funeral. I am so proud of him! So until I am (or maybe I never will blog about it), here's an update on the kiddos. This all came at such a busy time in our lives. Nich and I kinda celebrated our 5 year anniversary, Hailey turned 4 and the babies turned 9 months old all in the few days we were preparing the visitation and funeral. Not quite the atmosphere to blog about celebrations. So without further adieu, pictures and videos of the family!

I just love Brooklyn's face! :)

They've always been neck in neck with weights, a matter of 1/2 ounces different.
Brennan Nicholas - just about 13 lbs (birth weight 1lb 4 oz)

He is so full of joy! Brennan has a smile that lights up his whole face and the room! Now he has a laugh and giggle on top of his big grin! It's so easy to get him to smile too, talking to him, letting him bounce on your lap, kisses - you name it, he smiles! Brennan's biggest struggle right now is focusing his eyes, which we're working on through stimulation and praise. He will go back to Beaumont for a follow up soon, but until then, we're just keeping an eye on him. (wink, wink! - I know...a dork!) Brennan is such an easy going baby, he was the first to sleep all the way through the night! When the others are stressing us out, Brennan's our go to man!

Landon James - 18 lbs (birth weight 1lb 7 oz)

Our precious big man! He has the biggest heart and the biggest temper. He is thriving at home! He is so active! Smiling, talking, moving all his limbs - he's come so far and we're so thankful! When he's mad, he starts thrashing and is so strong it's hard to hold, but then he calms down and looks at you with those beautiful brown eyes, you just melt. We started deep massaging him at 9am and before his 9pm dinner and it has made a world of difference in his activity level and his mood. He was doing well with his bottle, but lately has slacked off. I think he's focusing on his head control and moving and not so interested in his bottle. So we're putting just about all of his feed in his Gtube bag. He's such a patient, easy going baby!

Brookyln Danielle - just about 13 lbs (birth weight 1 lb 3.5 oz)

Where do I start with this little one!?! She is our hilarious diva! Brooklyn is so full of life, it's never a dull moment with her! She's really high maintenance, but so worth it. Brooklyn has been the first to really roll over, first to spit (hence the picture above!), first to scoot, she so curious and always looking around. Brooklyn is a lot like Hailey, very social and would rather explore than cuddle. She gives us a flirty cute smile and makes us laugh!

This toy was made for Brennan! He's a bouncing machine and he just took off!

Landon is doing so well! Here he is in the jumper for the first time. Yep he bounced a couple times! :)

And Brooklyn fell asleep!

Each baby is so different! They have distinct personalities, cries, smiles, temperments - all unique, but similar traits. We are sooooo thankful for how far these little miracles have come! At first it was miracles fighting for their lives, now they're breaking the 23 weeker development box! God is good!