Sunday, November 6, 2011

Catching up!

WOW do I have some updating to do!?!  I uploaded my pictures from my camera and had them back to the middle of September!  

Brennan said his first word!  This isn't the first time, but a clear video of them playing together and Brennan saying "Go!"  He's definitely behind talking, but making progress.  His words aren't as articulated as Brooke, but he's starting to repeat the syllables.  It's a start!  

Just some pictures, having fun! 

Photo session, the morning of their 2nd birthday!  Thanks to for these "Triple Threat" onesies!

 Happy 2nd Birthday miracles!! 

Pumpkin picking!

First toothbrush!  Hailey was a terrific teacher!  Brooke loves it, but the boys are way more apprehensive.  They're getting there!  I just bought a vibrating toothbrush for the boys hoping it will help with Landon's oral aversion and Brennan's need for lots of sensory input.  They're getting much better!

 I know, much more to update and I promise to be more faithful!!  Landon's got a few big appointments coming up with Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation later this week (we're hoping to get a bath chair, feeding chair and wheelchair/adapted stroller) and next Thursday DeVos Children's Intensive Feeding Program assessment.  It's like feeding bootcamp for 5-8 weeks and we'll find out at the end of the assessment whether he's a candidate or not!  I'll keep you updated!! (PROMISE!)