Sunday, March 23, 2008


Can she get any cuter?! Here's some pictures of Hailey in her Easter dress. It was hard to get a picture of her posing. I saw this one on the racks and it was exactly her personality! She loves it- as soon as I brought it home from the store she wanted to wear it. We kept telling her it was for Easter, which she had no concept of, except today. She was thrilled to wear her pretty dress! (This was GREAT since she's so picky about what she wears now. We've come into the "dress myself" stage) Enjoy!


The Paulk's said...

Aw, my little Hailey is growing up! I love the dress Jen, very cute on her! I cant believe how big she's getting. Riley is in the dressing herself stage too, it can be interesting. Her hair is getting so long and pretty. I'll be checking back for the video of coloring Easter eggs.

I wanted to call and tell you Happy Easter, but Riley has been holding my phone hostage in some unknown location for the last two days. :)! Miss you guys.

The Paulk's said...

We (and when I say we, I really mean I) need an's way past Easter :)!! Call me sometime when you get a free minute. We kept missing each other last week. I hope you're feeling well and hope you all have a great weekend.