Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Little Mommy

Thank goodness it's Spring! Hailey and I have taken a walk every nice day we've had the last week and today we took her baby for a walk. Today she was especially sweet...She introduced baby to her lawn chair and Pooh car she rides on. She then decided it was time to head out. She said "Bye!" to her toys and blew a kiss to her Pooh car, then ran and kissed it! Proud as could be pushed baby down the driveway. (She does really good and only walks on the driveway and sidewalk. She was kinda all over the sidewalk and I ended up having to walk on the grass until she noticed and pulled my hand to tell me to walk on the sidewalk too and she scooted over.) Every one or two steps Hailey has to check on baby. It took us 3o minutes to get to the nursing home! Our neighbors! She pretended baby was getting fussy and took her out, rocked & sung to her then shushed her to calm down and put her back in the stroller. She even carried baby and held baby's hands on the stroller handles to show her how to push! SOOO SWEET! I was just in awe at how much she's picking up just by observing but also how much she cares about others. She takes such good care of baby! So....I'm sure everyone's thinking she's ready for a real baby...NOT YET! :) We're just enjoying her for now!


The Paulk's said...

In my opionion, I definitely think Hailey is ready for the "real thing"...plus what is our baby going to do without a best friend like Riley has?? :)