Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ring around the rosies...

Hailey plays a mean ring around the rosies! Yesterday at day care all the kids were playing and having fun. Then came the "all fall down" part and Hailey really fell hard! Daycare thought she was just tired since it was just before nap time, so she slept for two hours. When she woke up she was still holding her harm like it hurt. They called me because she wasn't using it all together even when they were washing babies...her favorite thing! I hurried to daycare and called the Nurse Advisor (medical hotline through Foote) who told me to take her right in to ER. Turns out she dislocated her left shoulder when she fell down. They had to take some x-rays which Hailey wasn't a fan of and they think wrestling with her for them might have popped it back into place. We left the hospital with a cute dinosaur patterned sling and a sprained shoulder.

She's such a trooper! When we were leaving the hospital, she was walking out with her arm in the sling saying "thank you!" and "bye-bye!" to all the nurses!

Here she is earlier tonight still playing--just with a handicap! :)