Friday, April 3, 2009

Manicure from a toddler... read it right! I let Hailey paint my nails! She is learning that other people have favorite colors and she knows my fav is orange. fingernails are orange! She actually did a pretty good job, except half my fingers were orange and we went out shopping afterward! The cashiers looked at me really weird because Nich and Hailey and I was by myself with really bad painted nails!
We were trying to get her to cheese showing off her nails and she just didn't get it! She kept turning her hands the wrong way. Oh well! Just trust me that I did a good job painting hers! :)


The Paulk's said...

You are braver than I am :)...I'm not sure I'd let Riley do my nails! (Maybe my toe nails since I can easily cover them :)).

MelissaB said...

that's something i will never have to worry about doing with Hunter. or Keegan! although it would be fun if we had a little girl.
too cute!