Tuesday, July 28, 2009

15 weeks

Every week it just gets bigger and bigger! Sorry for not posting the last couple days, I really have fallen asleep if I lay on the couch for longer than 5 minutes! I've gained 15 lbs so far, only 30 to go! The babies are doing great - I've really been feeling them move lately too! Just before Nich took this picture, I got a big kick in the middle which can blame on Baby A or B. I love it though! Thursday is our big ultrasound day! Hopefully if everyone cooperates we can find out their genders. I think we're both just hoping they're not all boys or girls! Ultrasound is at 3pm and 2 hours so I promise to post as soon as possible!


Britt said...

yeah - I'm sooo glad you posted the time so I'm not constantly checking your blog all day waiting to find out - however I am working til 9 so I'll have to wait til then - or you can leave me a message on my fone!!