Sunday, December 4, 2011

Much needed update!

Here's a much needed update on all the kiddos!  I've got time on my calendar to blog now so hopefully I'll be more consistent!  :)  Here's a group picture with my mom, Brennan, Brooklyn (with Brennan's glasses on), Nich, Me, Landon and Hailey watching the parade of lights in Howell honoring Joe. 

Hailey, Hailey, Hailey!  Over Thanksgiving my mom and I took her to the Nutcracker at the Detroit Opera House and we left it a surprise!  I brought a dress she's been wanting to wear and had her get dressed and get in the car and didn't tell her until the show started!  She was THRILLED!!  She wants to start ballet and though we can't commit to it now, I thought we'd give her a taste!  She's in Kindergarten and so smart!  She's now the kids "teacher" and has taught Brooke to talk and is now working on Brennan!  She's so good with them and so helpful to us!!  So proud of her!

Brennan is the happiest kid!  He's always smiling and bouncing out of his seat with excitement!  He just learned how to give kisses (open mouth still unfortunately...) and is so proud of himself!  If you're lucky enough to get one, better be ready for 10!  He'll just keep going and going until your face is covered!  Brennan's been doing really well catching up!  He's walking steadier, following directions, playing with toys (instead of licking them).  He goes to outpatient therapy twice a week for physical, occupational and speech therapy and making good progress!  Brennan has a really carefree personality and unfortunately that gets him in trouble when Brooke's around.  She's pretty demanding so we're trying to teach her to share and him to stand up for himself!  She'll take a toy from him or push him down on a whim.  Sisterly love I guess! 

Landon got a new ride!  Early On let us borrow this wheelchair/stroller until he can get fitted for his own and he's really liking it!  We're just trying to figure how to bring Brooke and Brennan into daycare with him in there!  Before Brooke would walk or be carried and we had the double stroller for the boys.  We're learning!  He was unofficially diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy mid November by PMR (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation).  The doc said he has good muscle tone, good range of motion and his back looks good but he's not sitting (really close though!!), crawling or putting weight on his legs.  Soon we'll have a wheelchair/stroller, stander, bathing system and AFO's (feet braces).  He'll be a different kid!  I have to admit at first it was really hard to take - the diagnosis, all the equipment, it was a reality check that he really has severe disabilities and isn't just going to outgrow this.  Before they were 2 they were just behind, now he's significantly delayed.  I've come to the realization that he's going to be what he's going to be and a diagnosis and equipment can only help him!  It's not going to limit him, he'll just have more opportunities to grow.  He's getting stronger and healthier too - hasn't been in the hospital since October!  Brooke, Brennan and Hailey are so good with him too  - giving him kisses, patting him when he gets upset, getting him toys to play with....Brooke even tries to feed him when she gets snacks!!  If she can get him to eat, more power to her!

Brooke is so much fun!  She's pretty much caught up to other kids her age and is walking, running, playing, talking and very independent!  She still has her 0-60 temperament but that's what has kept her strong!  She's hilarious too!  She knows just what to do to make you laugh!  She reminds us so much of Hailey and we've even called her Hailey!  Yesterday she went with me to food pantry and walked around visiting like a pro!  I was still directing the food pantry when we found out we were pregnant with the quads and many of them have been keeping up with the kids and praying for them.  It was such a blessing to be able to share Brooke with them!  What miracles they are!