Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 Year Adjusted Birthday!

Now that they're chronologically 2, the docs and therapists don't take their adjusted age into account, but we do!   If the crew would've gone full term, they should've been born today!

Happy 2nd Birthday (Adjusted)!!  

I think technically at their last assessment they were 2yr (20 months adjusted) and Brooke was at 22months, Brennan was between 15-17 months and Landon was at 6-9 months.  Regardless, we're incredibly proud of their progress!!  More on Landon tomorrow (pictures of his new equipment) but I wanted to get this up on the special day! 

I found this really comprehensive developmental checklist from University of Michigan's website.  By 2 years of age does your child:

Motor Skills

  • drink from a straw (Brooke!)
  • feed himself with a spoon (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • help in washing hands (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • put arms in sleeves with help (Brooke & Brennan!)
  • build a tower of 3-4 blocks (Brooke & Brennan!)
  • toss or roll a large ball (Brooke!)
  • open cabinets, drawers, boxes (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • operate a mechanical toy (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • bend over to pick up a toy and not fall (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • walk up steps with help (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • take steps backward (Brennan & Brooke!)

Sensory and Thinking Skills

  • like to take things apart (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • explore surroundings (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • point to 5-6 parts of a doll when asked (Brooke!)

Language and Social Skills

  • have a vocabulary of several hundred words (Brooke-ish)
  • use 2-3 word sentences (Brooke's really close!)
  • say names of toys (Brooke)
  • ask for information about an object (asks, "Shoe?" while pointing to shoe box) (Brooke!)
  • hum or try to sing (Brooke!)
  • listen to short rhymes (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • like to imitate parents (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • sometimes get angry and have temper tantrums (Brennan, Brooke & Landon - EVERYONE has this down! :)
  • act shy around strangers (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • comfort a distressed friend or parent (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • take turns in play with other children (does any 2yr old?!  We're working on it!)
  • treat a doll or stuffed animal as though it were alive (Brooke!)
  • apply pretend action to others (as in pretending to feed a doll) (Brooke, Brennan with help!)
  • show awareness of parental approval or disapproval for her actions (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • refer to self by name and use "me" and "mine" (Brooke!)
  • verbalize his desires and feelings ("I want cookie") (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • laugh at silly labeling of objects and events (as in calling a nose an ear) (Brooke!)
  • enjoy looking at one book over and over (Brennan & Brooke!)
  • point to eyes, ears, or nose when you ask (Brooke!) 


Heather English said...

I love seeing their progress and watching them knock over these important milestones like feathers! (Hellos and Hugs to Hailey, too!)