Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Adventures at Wal-Mart....

We stopped by Wal-Mart tonight to say good-bye to one of Hailey's fishies. We just bought it on Sunday too! At this age, giving it back to the nice customer service lady was a lot less traumatic than flushing down the potty. :) They were completely out of goldfish so we'll have to wait to get another later...we'll get 2 for the price of one now - they're 1/2 off! :) That's bargain shopping Dad! Goldfish on sale!

She saw Bert & Ernie as we were walking in through the glass and since she did so good when we were in the store we told her she could sit with them on our way out. The greeter gave us all Hannah Montana 3D goggles and Hailey thought they were SOO COOL!!! See below! :)

She just loves to take care of people (even plastic ones!)

Mommy got pulled into the fun too!

She also played "eyes, ears, nose and mouth" with both Bert and Ernie. Pointing out the body parts on each person. Ernie was pretty cool 'cause she could see his tongue! She was amazed. Ahh...the simple wonders of childhood.


Mom/Nanny said...

How cute is that!!! The highlight of my days are hearing her say "Hi Nana"! You two are the best parents...that's why she's an angel. Love you. Mom