Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Our little cutie!

FUNNY story! Albion had their fireworks Thursday night and we showed some city spirit and went to see them. We took a blanket and found a spot at the bottom of the hill, got there around 9:15. Hailey made friends with some other kids who were running down the hill (as usual!) and played until 10, when the fireworks started. We were sooo excited to see her reactions and all of us couldn't wait until the fireworks started! We were laying on the blanket looking at some illegal ones she learned how to say "fireworks" and thought they were really neat. While were were waiting for the big ones.....she fell asleep! That's right and slept through the whole thing! She didn't even flinch with the big booms. Luckily they were worth the wait and we stayed through the whole show cuddling with Hailey. We wouldn't trade that moment for the world!