Monday, November 17, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod

Two pretty girls! Lately Hailey has been on a "pretty" kick. Everything she (and Mommy) wears has to be pretty. Translation...has to be pink and lots of layers. In this picture she picked out pretty clothes for her and I. Yes, we're both wearing 6 layers. We embraced her dress up game and she and I both put on all the layers then she picked out pretty shoes for us. She has pink high heals that I bought post-Halloween sale and found my high heels that have a bow. We wore them all night! She and I went upstairs and had a lot of fun! We danced, sang songs and dressed babies in multiple layers too.

Here's a video of Hailey playing with baby and walking in her high heels. She's a natural! :) Notice how she puts the purse strap in baby's hand too!

After playing, Nich brought us up dinner - fish sticks and french fries. We shared our food and had our own party. We totally bonded...two peas in a pod.


kdunnski said...

You both look so Pretty! Dress up is so much fun, wait till daddy gets in on it then you'll just have a blast!

Britti said...

I still can't believe she wore all the shirts to bed tooo!!!!!

The Paulk's said...

I love when she walks in high heals--soon enough she's going to be borrowing yours :)!