Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving and Pistons

I know it's been so long since I've posted! Nich and I were in Traverse City for a work conference, then getting ready for Thanksgiving just has kept us so busy! Nich has finished all the little projects! Thanks to Dad and Grandpa for helping with the closet, bathroom and kitchen! :) Nich's family came over for Thanksgiving last Saturday and we had a great time! They helped motivate us to finish the little projects and man did our house look good! Here's some pics of Pollak Thanksgiving:

Ashley, Nich, Ashley's friend, Amber and Jake. We got a Wii a couple weeks ago and everyone had a lot of fun playing!
Uncle Jake and Wesley. The boys got trucks and trailers!
Hailey and Papa Dan
Hailey, Ashley and Abrial
Abrial and Hailey. They both got pj's and babies for Thanksgiving Presents! Thanks Aunt Sherry and Uncle Marty!!Aunt Sherry and Uncle Marty

I know this doesn't go with this posting, but I loaded it and didn't want to deleted it! Video's take SO LONG to upload on blogger. Enjoy! Hailey is becoming quite the sports fan! She knows the difference between football, basketball and baseball. In this video she's cheering for the individual players....Go Pistons! Go A.I., Go Tayshaun, Go Sheed, Go Kwame, Go RIP. Quite the fan for a 2 year old!


patrick and mandi said...

Hey!! I didn't know you were on blogger!

We just got a wii too... isn't it a blast?!

Hailey is SO beautiful! I can't believe she is getting so big!