Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rough week

Hailey's had a rough couple weeks. First she complained that it hurt when she peed and we thought she had a UTI. I took her to the dr and of course they needed a urine sample. Good luck getting that from a 2 1/2 yr old who's potty training. Needless to say we were at the dr for 1 hour and no pee! We took a cup home to try and catch it and this is what Hailey did with it...

I know it's not the best video, but she was driving that potty seat all over the house! Hilarious!

The week after she had diarrhea for a couple days and we had to have her out of day care. She's such a trooper, she was playing the whole time.

After that this week, she had a fever of around 102-103 from Monday-Wednesday. She was getting over it Thursday morning, but we kept her home anyway to help her get over quicker. Thursday afternoon she did something (probably rolling onto the couch. we're really not 100% sure). Turns out she probably dislocated her elbow. Leave it to Hailey. She's using it now and feeling a lot better! We've had a rough couple weeks but hopefully we're done with the Dr for awhile!