Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bob and Orange & White Go on Vacation

Genius! Hailey's fish Bob and her other one Orange & White sadly passed away last week. Nich brilliantly told her they went on vacation...and she bought it! Bob and Orange & White were on vacation for a couple days and I got out early for work last Friday and brought them home! The lady at Meijer thought I was crazy because I needed specific goldfish, but my baby needed to believe us! :) I raced home and got them in their fish tank with just enough time to pick her up from daycare. She walked into her room with a glow on her face, so happy to have Bob and Orange & White home! And now we've entered into a whole new stage of toddlerhood!


Britt said...

was that before or after she dumped the whole can of fish food in the tank?

Melanie Marie said...

I wish someone was here to tell me my fish had gone on vacation.

The Paulk's said...

too funny, if I recall I was talking with you on the phone as Bob and Orange & White brought home a new tree from vacation too! :)