Monday, February 22, 2010

Brennan and Brooklyn playing!

Two peas in a pod - they're even holding hands! :)

Brennan is having a ball with Brooklyn being home! She...not so much! Whenever they're both awake, we put them on the floor together for some brother/sister bonding time!'s the result!

Yes, Brennan did rip off Brooklyn's cannula 3 times! Later (after this video) she got her hands too close to his mouth and he started sucking on her fist! It's SOO fun having 2 home! I love watching them interact! They do feed off each other all the time and Brooklyn usually leads the pack. When Brooke's happy everyone's happy, when she's not - watch out! That video coming! :)


Paula said...

They are so adorable ... bet you could just watch them ALL DAY LONG! What does Hayley think with having two of them home?

Paula said...

Oops spelled Hailey's name wrong ... must be all the Hailey's I've had in class with different spellings :o)


It is so great to see them together, even if Brennan is beating up on Brooklyn already.. HA....with 2 brothers she should get used to it. :) I cannot wait to see pics of 3 when Landon gets home!!!

Rebecca said...

they are so adorable!