Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had so many parties, had to do photo collages to get them all in! :) I am constantly amazed at how old Hailey is and this Halloween was no exception! We carved our pumpkins tonight (I know a little late, but better late than never!) and Hailey had drawn the face on them, helped get the gunk out and took pictures of Nich & I carving! She's a pretty good photographer! :)

Last Sunday we took the kids to the Zoo Boo and got all dressed up! It was great! Trick or treating, costumes, storytelling, balloon animals, carnival games, Acapazoo concert! We were there for 3 hours but packed everything in!

Hailey: Ballerina/Princess/Rockstar, Brooklyn: Lady Bug, Brennan: Duck, Landon: Superman!

Girls riding on the horse - I love this picture! Brooklyn knows the secret of getting out of the stroller already and cries until she gets her way...ahhh!!

Snuggly pose getting ready for the Halloween Carnival at a local church. We went with some friends Saturday, then hit up some houses (which were sadly hard to find) for trick or treating!

Getting everyone redressed what too much work! Their costumes don't fit in car seats so we just left them without at the carnival :)
Our little indecisive one! Here's a collage of all of her costumes this year! We had the zoo boo, ADAM group's party, trick or treating at the nursing home, Halloween party at day care and Halloween carnival at the church. Of course she had to be something different each time!

Our sweetheart made trick or treat bags for Uncle Joe and Katelyn and wanted to send them off! We snuck the candy out of them so they'd actually fly! :) She dictated the note..."Dear Katelyn, Uncle (Joe), God and Mary..." She had colored a picture and we had to fold it so she wanted to make sure they knew to open it! She even wrote her own name! The green star balloon is for Uncle Joe, pink balloon for Katelyn and the gold star balloon was for God ("because he made the whole world and needs a balloon!" - Hailey). God's balloon helped give ours an extra boost to get it to heaven too! As usual...we thought we found the best place in the yard to let the balloons off, let them go and they got stuck in the tree! Nich shook the tree until it came unhooked then we were clear!

And to top it all of....Nich and the kids did the Monster Mash! Happy Halloween!!


Kendall Gulbernat said...

This is great Jennie! And I was glad to see that video of Landon. Happy (belated) Halloween. MKCC

Britt said...

She is adorable!! I love the Piston's fan and I love the little cheerleader out-fit... of course I'm a little biased though and I love her ballerina rockstar outfit!!!