Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Landon's got a bug

I know many of you have been supporting us on Facebook and we appreciate more than you know! It's so great to know so many people are praying for our family!

I just wanted to recap what happened and update you all on how Landon's doing now...He's had a cold for awhile like all of us but yesterday morning he dropped his oxygen saturation to 39%, supposed to be 94-100%). He was blue/grayish and Nich called 911 to send an ambulance. He got a breathing treatment on his way to the hospital, another 2 when he got to Jackson and needed 4 liters of oxygen to maintain good sats. Jackson thought he needed higher level care so transferred him to UM. In the ambulance was able to go down to 1 liter but when we got to UM ER needed 4 again. He had another big drop to 29% in the ER which thankfully the doctor saw. He received 3 more breathing treatments which really help to open his airways and break up the gunk. The rest of the time his saturation was pretty good. But when he holds his breath (BPD spell) he can go down fast! Since he did well for a good couple hours after that he was transferred up to general care rather than the Pediatric ICU. Hooray!

Landon hanging out in the ER, feeling pretty good! He's so precious!

We finally got situated in his new room after midnight and he had a rough night with desats. The respiratory therapist (RT) was in every 2 hours for breathing treatments and nurse was in every hour to do an assessment. Between our visitors and his desats, I got about 15-20 minutes of sleep at time. Landon was pretty restless and he had a couple major drops to 40s-50s that needed stimulation to help him breathe deeper. The morning rounds didn't do so good since he had a rough night and in the morning (like every morning) needed lots of suctioning. They wanted to move him to moderate care so the nurses would have a little more time with him, but there wasn't any room so we gave it a try staying here. He's been an angel! Played for a little bit but mostly catching up on much needed sleep. We've been able to wean his oxygen down to 1.5 liters so we're on our way! Just not telling him :) He's generally on .25 liters at home, .5 with a cold. He's needed blow by oxygen (an open tube near his mouth) because while he sleeps, be breathes through his mouth and isn't getting the benefit of the nasal cannula through the nose. With this set up, his oxygen saturation has been in the high 90s! We're just not telling him! We learned from the NICU :)

Landon's friends helping hold his head and his blow by tube in the right spots! :)

He is a trooper for sure! He's had breathing treatments every 2 hours, 2 IV's placed (the first one went bad this morning), been listened to over and over and when he wakes up (truly wakes up...he's so not a morning person!!) he's smiling, looking around and playing. Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, support and offers to help! You help us get through this each challenge before us! A friend sent me a verse that I really needed and wanted to share. "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze." Isaiah 43:2. He's been taking care of us from the beginning, we don't have to worry! Such encouragement when we feel pretty overwhelmed. God's constantly showing us, He is good and in control!


Britt said...

I am amazed by you 3! I loved coming to help last night! You know I will do anything for you!

Angie B said...

aw i am so glad that verse was encouraging to you! I know that God gave that to me to write :) Praying for Landon...