Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This last weekend our whole family got a big cold - no fun! It'd been going on for a week but got worse...We loaded up on Kleenex, nose suckers, Vicks plug ins & rub and had the humidifier running all night! Nich and I took the babies in to the pediatrician Monday and turns out Landon & Brooklyn have probable bronchitis (he couldn't concretely diagnose them), Brooklyn has another ear infection (number 4!), Brennan's on the edge of getting this and has possible scalp ringworm (referred to Dermatologist). VERY productive Dr appointment at least! It took almost 2 hours to get us through, but thankfully the pedi was very thorough. Antibiotics and refills for all! When we picked up the scripts at the pharmacy we actually carried out a full bag! :) The only that made me feel really bad is the Dr walked in and said "Oh! Have I met you before?" Yes it's been awhile because of having to take time off work, but I felt so bad that our primary doctor doesn't know I'm their MOM! Don't get me wrong, Nich does an incredible job with the kids but I feel bad that I can't be there for them like he can! I want to take care of them and know all about them too! Ughh...any of you doc's out there, take note! :)

*Side note, we'll have sparce blog updates for a little while, hopefully not for too long! Our laptop was on it's last leg and the screen just died. The whole computer works, you just can see it! Photo's will be added as soon as we can! They're getting big!