Sunday, February 6, 2011

Next surgery round - a whopper!

We've known since they were born that when the boys turned 1 year adjusted they'd need to be circumcised (they were much too fragile to do it while they were still admitted). Nich took them to their January Urology appointment and we were planning to get a date scheduled...turns out the boys need more boy surgery, both different. Brennan's missing a nut...they need to do exploratory surgery to find it since it may even be in his abdomen! Landon has had a hydrocele for awhile and they feel it's not resolving itself and may cause other issues so are planning to take care of it.

8 days later they all went to their Opthamology appointment and left with the boys needing eye surprise! Brooke's eyes are right on track but the boys are starting to go cross-eyed (called Strabismus). She has a degree of this but not warranting surgery. Read the link if you have a chance - it's really interesting what happens and the eye muscle surgery they can do. It may not work 100% but will help the eyes look in the same direction and hopefully not confuse the brain. :)

8 days later they all went to their Audiology & ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) appointment and they all need tubes in their ears! We were kinda expecting that for Brooklyn, hoping for Landon (this means part of his hearing loss is conductive/fixable!!!), but were surprised for Brennan! Since Nov, she's had 4 ear infections and Brennan has had 3. Thankfully they're such tough kids we didn't even know and were taking them in for something else!

So all in all, walking away with 9 surgeries/procedures scheduled that we learned about within 3 weeks! Brennan & Landon - 4 each and Brooke scoots out with just 1. We're hoping to do this all the same day, sometime in February. I know you're thinking we're probably crazy and torturing ourselves/the babies, but 1 round of anesthesia, 1 surgery day and 1 recovery round! They'll book 3 OR's and go right down the line! We're really praying the babies go through this well. We're praying Landon's lungs will be strong enough to get right back off the vent! This time around feels so different, even though we've already been through 19 surgeries between the three babies, this time they've been home for so long and they're older! Every time we go back, memories fill with what it was like 16 months ago. Turning them over to the doctors and surgeons is so hard but God's going before us, which is our strength!


Ashley said...

Hey!! This is the first time I have commented on ya'lls blog but I have been following it for a little while!! I just wanted to let you know and maybe ease your mind with the strabismis surgery! I am now 22 years old but I was diagnosed with Strabismis in both eyes when I was 4 months old! I had my first surgery when I was 6 months and have had three others since. The surgeries are easy recoveries as far as once they are home! My last one was in 2001 and I probably won't be needing another one. I pray that all of their surgeries go as smoothly as mine did! You guys are doing a fantastic job with those precious miracles!

Rebecca said...

wow...that is a lot of surgeries. i think booking them on the same day sounds like a good plan. will be praying!!

Laura said...

Hey Jennie! I love reading your blog, though I don't comment often. I just wanted to tell you that I've had tubes MANY times, and compared to the surgeries they've been through, it's a piece of cake! I still have to see an ENT every 9 months due to my specific problems, but the surgeries that I've had were super-fast recovery. I just wanted to give you some encouragement, even if you already know it, that I am sure they will do just fine with that aspect. Since it's Brooklyn's only surgery, I bet she'll be back to 100% in no time after the surgery. I look forward to hearing how it goes! :o)

Mommato2miracles said...

Just wanted to say we are praying for you all. Sam just got tubes put in his ears in january. I don't even think he noticed:-) He also had hte tonsils/adenoids out, so that might have overpowered the tubes. But he never once complained about them. My sister had strabismus surgery several years ago, it wasn't a bad recovery for her at all. As far as the boy surgery, we haven't experienced that one, but as I am sure you are aware:-) God is in control, and I will be praying that He guides each and every hand that comes in contact with your sweet miracles:-) God bless!!!

Britt said...

You're babies are amazing!