Thursday, January 27, 2011

16 month development

As promised and almost on time! :) I also FINALLY sewed Hailey's American dress up dress! Feeling a bit motivated!

So here we go...bear with me this is a way over due update but so exciting!! We are having serious fun with the kids!
This is how we get things done! :) Brooke is such a ham and a bully - she was playing with everyone else's toys, yet giving this sweet little smile.

Yep, they play like this! He's not even phased by it and she'll crawl all the way across the room just to lay on him.

Brennan Nicholas 16 lbs 15 oz (birth weight 1 lb 4 oz)

Brennan's eyes are starting to settle down and not racing as much! This is giving him better balance and he's actually sitting by himself! He's such a scrawny boy that we're pretty much feeding him nonstop to keep up with how active he is! We found baby food jars that are 180 calories each - talk about packing on the pounds! :) He's growing well, just skinny! I know he doesn't have them on in this picture, but we're working with him for 5-10 minutes at a time a couple times a day to keep his glasses on. He was doing really well, but then got curious and pulls them off to lick them when we're not looking. That's how he's figuring things out...licking everything in sight! Kinda weird, but makes sense with his visual impairments. Brennan's also starting to craw/scoot! I really think he has it in him to be up to speed as Brooke but he's a really laid back baby. He's rolling over with no problem and now pulling toward things with his arms - doesn't quite have his legs coordinated to motor all over but he can get where he wants to!

Landon posing with his bottle! He looks thrilled right :)

Landon James 21 lbs 11 oz (birth weight 1 lb 7 oz)

This little turkey is doing great! I know I've said this before, but he's just on his own schedule! He's working with Physical Therapy (PT) and Speech Therapy to work on the skills he needs a little help mastering - sitting, crawling and eating. His therapists really believe in him and I know that makes so much difference! It makes us feel really great having them work with him too! He's doing a lot of small (but key) developments that some people may miss, but we're checking them off in our minds. Like the picture above in the exersaucer...he's standing flat foot! He used to always stand on his tip toes and this shows he's getting more control of his legs and knows that they do something :) He's sitting with much less support and when he rolls over his legs get right up in the crawling position but he doesn't have strong enough leg muscles to get his big belly anywhere! His muscle strength is something else we're working on. Even though he's almost 22 lbs, he's like a rock because he hardly sustains himself! He's getting better but used to be like sack of potatoes!

Brooklyn Danielle 16 lbs 3 oz (birth weight 1 lb 3.5 oz)

Brooklyn is doing great!! She's such a ham! We're getting through the days of her being our "drama llama" for all of you who know the "Llama llama red pajama" books! :) For the longest time her face used to be a permanent frown, one that I'd never seen before but it's so easy to get her to smile and play! A couple weeks ago she had one on one time with Meme whil Nich and I got away to Boston and she has been a different kid since! Thanks Meme!! :) So, what's Brooke doing...crawling on her hands & knees (knees are a big deal and have took a long time to learn!), taking steps with a push toy and holding onto our fingers, becoming more social, clapping, switching toys from hand to hand and eating us out of house and home! This girl is the biggest snack food junky we know! Since Nich and I rarely take care of them together, one day between the 2 of us she ate an entire package of puffs! She's playing us already! :)

Video's!!! Brooklyn taking her first steps and her playing so sweetly with Landon! I can't stress how much FUN it's getting now that they're able to play more, be more active (I know we'd better watch out!) and are more social! We thank God every day for them and how great they're doing developmentally! They are such blessings!!


Esther and Brian said...

it's amazing to see such progress with these sweet preemie babies! great job...:)

out of curiosity, which baby food is 180 calories? see, of of my twins is just 22lb at 29 months and we are trying anything to get more calories in him..he is on table food, of course, but would be willing to eat baby food, too...thanks for your help!!! esther

Rebecca said...

great update! the kids are so darn cute!

Suzy said...

Jennie, they are adorable. Truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing the news and the videos. So, so cute!

Angie B said...

Thanks for the updates! Great pics and videos :) Its amazing they started as just over 1 lb:)

KG said...

Love the update Jennie! Thanks for sharing the pics and videos. Hugs to those little ones. And, great job to you and Nich!! Kendall

Jen said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how big my smile was reading this...
they are simply a miracle. and amazing!!!

Britt said...

Yes, she is definately saying Mama in that last video!!!

Jennie said...

Hey Esther! Beech Nut brand Country Breakfast and Fruit and Yogurt kind have ridiculous calories! Gaining weight is so hard! Good luck! :)