Monday, April 18, 2011

Our SUPER fun night at home!!

To make you, I love our crazy life!

Hailey, Brennan, Landon & Brooklyn having serious play time!

Hailey absolutely LOVES matching Brooklyn and the girls had fun playing on Hailey's bed!

Brotherly love :)

They're actually playing TOGETHER! Nevermind that Brooklyn keeps opening the drawbridge on Brennan's head :)

When we first got home Brennan & Brooklyn were waiting for her and she gave them so much love!

No matter how crazy and overwhelming our lives get, this makes it worth it!! We're so blessed!


S.McCormick said...

Jennie, This is adorable. It is precious to see the kids play together. You guys amaze me!I am so happy we have been able to meet even though the reason we met isn't great,you losing a precious baby girl and your brother in the same year and me losing my husband this past November. I feel blessed that God has allowed me this special privilege of meeting you and your special family. Sheryl

Britt said...

I love the matching ones of the girls! And I totally saw Brennan and Landon "cuddling" like this too!!! You're family certainly is crazy but they're soo cute!

Britt said...

The Hailey and Brookie and Brennan video is SOOOO cute!!