Friday, April 1, 2011

18 months!

Wow! Time is sure flying! I can't believe the babies are 18 months old! They're getting so much more fun and definitely their own personalities! Instead of photo's this month, here's video's! They're so active, I love to catch it on video!

Brennan Nicholas Birth weight 1lb 4oz, 18 months weight 17lbs 10oz

Brennan is doing great! He's had the rest of his surgeries and hopefully they'll be the last! Since his eye surgery he's been able to sit STILL (not wobbly), standing STILL and playing with toys! Hence the video! Make sure to have your sound on so you can hear Hailey's commentary! :) Before he was always licking them and kinda flicking them with his fingers, but he can focus on things now! It's so cool to see! Brennan's in the running now for walk first too! He's fearless! He doesn't quite have the one foot in the other concept but he's totally fine letting go of our hands - and falling on the floor sometimes! :) He generally just gets right back up again! Brennan's also our little garbage disposal! He's eating so good by spoon and about 8oz at a time from bottle. Brennan and Brooklyn are now drinking Pediasure instead of Neosure formula! We're mixing it half and half with milk, otherwise it's a pretty potent drink. It's definitely doing the trick and he's gaining weight! He's also keeping his glasses on much better which will help his eyes to heal right. We're working with him on crawling (not army crawling, but on his hands and knees) and going from sitting to crawling and back up again. He's going to PT & OT twice a week and Early On is coming in once a week. That heavy dose of therapy is really working! He's such a silly, happy boy and really doing great!

Landon James Birth weight 1lb 7oz 18 month weight 21lbs 3oz

Landon, Landon, Landon! Landon's still recovering from his pneumonia a bit, but he's getting more and more active! He's also getting kind of a diva personality too! He throws a mean fit, but the trouble is he really needs to breathe during his fits! He's learned to hold his breath and play games with his breathing. He's not retracting or having trouble, just sometimes holds his breath and laughs once you tickle him. Crazy kid! Really exciting news for Landon is from his neurosurgery follow up appointment - they did an MRI to check on his hydrocephalus and it's VERY well under control! Before there was probably 2 inches of empty space around this ventricles and now there's maybe 1/4 inch! His brain has filled in the rest of his skull which means his brain is growing and new connections/skills are happening! Landon has been hitting milestones like putting things in his mouth, playing with his toes, holding things with both hands and he even said mama! My heart just overflowed! The sky really is the limit with this kid! Just as Nich and I kinda get used to the idea of having a severely impaired child, he does something new! He's so much more fun to play with (not feed, but we're working on that!) and actually interacts with us! Landon's going to PT & Speech Therapy twice a week and sees Early On at home once a week. Full schedules, but so worth it!!

Brooklyn Danielle Birth weight 1lb 3.5oz 18 month weight 17lbs 13oz

Brooklyn is still quite the diva and we're working on curbing that stubborn independence towards talking and helping us understand what she wants/needs. We're working on sign language, pointing and of course talking. Once she has your undivided attention, she is an angel, but the minute she has to share or isn't getting what she wants, better watch out! It's like breaking a wild mustang! Developmentally she's pretty much on track! Even though she and Brennan are doing a lot of the same things, her skills are a little more refined. She's got a pretty good spoon feeding technique - very proper! :) We're working with her and Brennan to lose the bottle but they don't get the concept of a sippy cup. Brennan's getting better, but Brooke preers a real glass. She takes sips out of our cups very well! She's also standing by herself (leaning on something most of the time, but at least she's confident!) and motoring all over the house either pushing this toy or holding our fingers. This video was the first time she pushed the toy without needing one of us to hold on to her! She's babbling and saying some words, but we're working on comprehension. She can say dada, mama, baba, but I'm not entirely convinced she knows what they mean. She goes to OT & Speech Therapy twice a week and sees Early On at home once a week. She's doing really well with gross motor, but needs a little help with the finer things.

We continue to thank God everyday for these miracles! And you all for all your prayers that have got them to this point and carrying us all as our lives get busy and complicated! When we were in the hospital for both Brennan & Landon, it was really cool to see the reactions of staff (nurses, residents, anesthesiologists) that didn't know their histories when we told them they were 23 week surviving quadruplets! These babies really are doing well!


Meranda said...

That is fantastic!! I think about your family a lot, you were the first quad family that we had contact with!! You are always in our prayers and we are so happy to hear your family is doing well!