Thursday, August 25, 2011

God's Creation

I took this picture while waiting in the parking lot at Krispy Kreme for Nich and Hailey to come out with their free donuts and LOVE it! Aren't you just overwhelmed with God's beauty! Looking at this picture and the sky on days like this seems like a little window into Heaven and all it's glory! Knowing Katelyn and all that have gone on before bask in this ALL THE TIME - I'm awestruck!

Along the same lines, but different weather...yesterday while Hailey and I were driving home, the weather came on the radio. I usually turn it down when I know rain is predicted to save her a little freak out but didn't and asked if I knew how it rained. I said I did, but asked if she knew. She said a big spiel that sounded right and I asked if she learned it at YMCA Camp (they had science week). She said "Nope, that's what Caliou learned when he was at school but I think God does it." She also found a new freckle that same trip and said "I think God knew I was getting bigger and just put it on me. "Again I was reminded, the faith of a child. She can be satisfied with the basic knowledge...God created it, God did it. God in all His magnificence.