Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hailey's Spotlight!

This weekend Hailey starred in the National American Miss Michigan State Pageant in Troy!! Back in the Spring she was invited to come to an open call and was selected from there as a state finalist and went on this weekend to compete! First of all we were so proud of her for even getting on the stage!!! She didn't place but had a great time and met some pretty great friends! Here's some pictures of my little princess in the spotlight!

She had to get up on stage at 7:30AM (!!) and introduce herself in front of the judges and the whole audience!

After with our new friend Keira :)

Waiting for her interview and got to pose with Miss Pre-Teen Michigan from 2010. All the 2010 Queens were so friendly and outgoing and so good with the little girls!

Doing the dance number on stage in the finale!

Hailey and Keira again after a great weekend's work!

Think we're a little proud of her?! She's adorable!!! Such a sweet and beautiful girl inside and out!


Britt said...

Oooh I love it! She looks like she had lots of fun and is soo stinking stylish! Even all the other little girls up there in the jeans and pink shirts, she looks more stylish!!! I love her!

Britt said...

Woah - I just looked at that last picture again and she is soo gorgeous in it! Not that she isn't every day, but she is really smiling good!

Becky Butynski said...

Yay Hailey! You looked so pretty sweetheart! Kiss your brothers and sister for me, ok? Love you all! ~Aunt Becky

Rebecca said...

she is really cute!

Melanie {} said...