Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hallelujah, We're Home!!

Haven't blogged in awhile because we've been pretty much living in the hospital for the last 6 weeks!  You think I'm kidding?  I know a lot of you follow me on facebook, but here's a quick recap...

Feb 14-Feb 20
Landon had the Human Metapneumonia Virus and during his coughing spells would throw up.  He aspirated one time actually on our way to the pediatrician's office and also had 3 seizures back to back (totaling over 45min) at the office.  We ended up transporting him by ambulance from the pediatrician's office to UM and he was treated for aspiration pneumonia and complex febrile seizures.  Here's the blog post from the last time he had that virus.  It's incredible to think even though it put him in the hospital, he's so much stronger now!

Feb 22-Feb 27
Brennan had scheduled Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy and ended up needing o2 that first night and wouldn't eat.  He needed oxygen for most of the stay and came home on an NG tube for tube feeding.

Feb 28
Brennan made a trip to the ER to have his NG tube bridled (tied to the bone in the back of his nose).  I thought it was going to be a quick trip but ended up being there with Hailey & Landon until 12:30am!

March 5-6
Hailey fell on the 5th and hit her her head smack on the parking lot and got a huge goose-egg!  She fell asleep on the way home from school and had a headache so I took her in to the ER.  They didn't do anything for her and sent her home but Tuesday school called and she was complaining of a headache, dizzyness and couldn't walk straight so we were back for a CT scan.  Thankfully it showed nothing, but she had a headache for a few days and got 2 black eyes!

March 7-10
Landon had a 25 min febrile seizure and had a lot of trouble breathing in the evening so Nich called the ambulance to bring him in since Hailey & I weren't home and he couldn't leave the other kids.  He stopped at the local hospital to be stabilized then survival flighted to UM and admitted to the PICU.  Ended up running lots of tests but nothing came back positive other than the aspiration pneumonia from 3 weeks ago.  They increased his anti-seizure medication dose and gave us a rescue anti-seizure med to use at home to stop the seizure from becoming so intense.

March 12-16
Brooklyn needed o2 when I brought her home from daycare and was working hard to breathe so I took her to our local hospital and she received o2 and breathing treatments before being transferred to UM (the local hospital doctors feared she may need ICU care).  She caught RSV.  She just needed up to 3 liters o2 and ended up coming home on a little bit.  She has a mild case of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) and colds hit her harder (harder than Brennan but not as bad as Landon).  

March 20-31
Landon was acting sick at home but we were doing ok managing his o2, breathing treatments and suction but the 20th he was really lethargic so I took him to the pediatrician's office.  He wasn't working harder to breathe so the pediatrician just thought he was still hanging on from the pneumonia.  He ordered a chest xray and by the time I got him home from that he was needing a lot more o2 (more than our concentrator could go to so I had him on tanks) so called a friend to watch the other 3 so I could take him in.  We were going to be admitted but there was no beds so hung out in the ER until about 8am he started working really hard and needed more o2.  He deteriorated really quickly and had 3 teams of doctors in his little ER room.  They needed to admit him to the ICU team but since they didn't have any beds either, we moved to the RECUS bay to have a little more room.  Tried Bi-Pap to help decrease his work of breathing but that only irritated him more and wore him out so he was barely breathing and they needed to intubate.  Thankfully a bed opened and he was in ICU for 10 days, 9 on a ventilator then moved to general care.  He had RSV, another pneumonia and Pseudomonas

Crazy!!  Here's Brooke singing what we all were feeling!!  This video is so perfect!  Brooke is addicted to Praise Baby and her favorite song is Your Love is Amazing (aka Hallelujah song!) :)  We were all just overwhelmed with joy and so happy to be home!  Nich and I make a good tag team - I'm the hospital parent and he takes care of the other kids at home.  We've been in the house together 10 out of the last 47 days.

Our family, church family, hospital family and online family have really helped support us and help make it through these last few weeks.  God is our rock and won't give us more than we can handle.  When I felt like a breaking point - and had them with all three kids! - He provided just the right support and peace.  I hope we'll be home for awhile now!!


The Ishum Quads said...

Aw! I love the video of your kids praising Jesus! What an awesome testimony to your faith and the way you are raising your kids! Our kids love Baby Praise too, but no one sings along yet. I hope they do the same thing when they are older!

And I'm so glad that you all are home!

Britt said...

The tears are falling off my cheeks! That is the most precious video! Thank you for posting it even though it took a billion hours! Soooo worth it!!
nuf said. love u all.

ykawai19 said...

Hey guys, this is Yu. I was the senior resident on the Maize team! I have been reading your blog, and the most recent video you posted of your kids definitely put a smile on my face. I'm very sorry that I could not return to the room to meet Brennan, but maybe some other time (and hopefully not when he's on Maize)! Looking through all the stories and photos, it's still astonishing to think that they were once only 23 weekers. I hope that you guys have a nice Easter weekend!