Saturday, April 14, 2012

Landon's hitting milestones!

Since the hospital stays, this last week Landon has made some serious milestone progress!!  We're thrilled!  Usually hospital stays put him farther behind and he progresses slower but this has been quite the exception!  He's been in a great mood most of the day which is a big change for him too.  They did increase his Keppra (seizure med) dose so that may play into it.  He's been playing on the ground, in his wheelchair, practicing in the highchair, tolerating his hearing aids and AFO's with no problem! He used to only do one of these things for maybe 20 minutes at a time.  Well, without further adieu....  

Easter Sunday Landon sat up by himself for the first time!!  It lasted about 20-30 seconds but ever since, he's been wanting to sit up more and more and he's getting better at it!  He used to cry and get really mad whenever we tried working with him but now he's doing great!  I guess we just needed to wait until he was ready! 

His next big milestone happened today!  He's actually HOLDING onto the vibrating toothbrush, TRANSFERRING it to the other hand and bringing it to his mouth!!!!  He hadn't done any of those skills before which is HUGE!  This puts him on a range of 7-9 months developmentally - progress!  So many times, I get discouraged because he'll be at a standstill for awhile but it seems like when I give it up and stop worrying, he makes strides!  This boy is so resilient and determined!  Always surprising us!

We're praising God for everything Landon does!  He's come so far - especially since they told us he'd probably be a vegetable :)  Nothing is impossible with God!  I know He's got something special planned for Landon!


Stacie said...

Way to go, Landon!