Monday, October 22, 2012

Starting school!

Wow - has it really been since June that I posted?!  I started my MSW in June and between Nich & I working, my school and the kids school we've been running in fumes.  Sometimes I've had the time but not the energy, others I've had the energy (and started posts) but not the time - well, oddly enough at 6am on Monday morning I have both!  I woke up WIDE awake at 5am and tried willing myself back to sleep for the 30 minutes left before my alarm but didn't work. I could hear Landon up already making noises downstairs so got up and he and I had a nice leisurely morning before getting him on the bus.

Here's a photo collage of everyone's first day of school!  (You can click to make it bigger.)  Hailey's in 1st grade this year and loves it!  She's struggling a bit staying in her seat - she's too much of a social butterfly!  Brennan and Brooke are in the same class at the ISD Early Childhood Program (mild classroom) in our town where they work on Preschool stuff and still see OT, PT and Speech Therapy.  Landon is in the Severely Multiply Impaired (SXI) Class at the main ISD building and he's developing so well!  They mostly work on therapy and independent type stuff, he's not ready yet for academic school skills.     

Hailey is now counting over 100, knows her odd & even numbers and is working on adding.  She can also read really well and is having weekly spelling tests - 1st grade is much different than Kindergarten but she loves learning!  Brennan is talking so much!  He's able to identify pictures and objects by name, knows his colors, playing appropriately and is starting to form sentences to say what he wants!  Brooklyn is jabbering like crazy!  She's speaking in paragraphs! :)  Her diva-ness is starting to wear off a bit as she's able to communicate what she wants and she's actually a huge helper!  She loves playing kitchen, coloring, playing baby (dolls and with Landon!) and reading.  Landon is making huge progress too!  He gets on the bus at 6am and is happy to go to school!  They're working with him on his hearing aids, standing, sitting independently and playing and he's doing so well!  I'm really impressed with the teachers and staff there - they are so compassionate and really love their kids!  A few weeks ago we got a note home from his teacher saying Landon is such a joy to have in class! 

Now on to get another kid up and ready for school! I'll try to post soon (anyone reading this - hold me to it!!) more in depth their personalities and developments. I'm so proud of them!  It's absolutely incredible how far they've come in so many ways!  We praise God for His healing and strength in them!


Britt said...

YEAH!!! YEAH YEAH!! I'm so excited for them! They're amazing kids! I need to have a skype date soon!!