Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from some super awesome kids!!  Hailey is "Batman girl", Brennan is Batman, Brooke is Robin & Landon is a muscly Captain America!  This year's costumes were pretty easy to figure out - we've been in such awe of how awesome our kids are, they're total superhero's! Overcoming sickness, making huge developmental strides and being Hailey being flexible to roll with the what's next! 

Nich had to work tonight and I was not feeling brave enough to take the crew out by myself - so thankful one of our amazing babysitters stayed late tonight and went with us!  We went to the YMCA's trunk or treat (Hailey was super proud to show off where she goes after school and gymnastics!) then tried visiting Daddy at work but he couldn't get out of class.  Hailey was such a great helper and Brooke loved holding hands trick-or-treating with Hailey just ahead so it was a little more manageable.  Brennan was getting pretty tired but hung on, helping to push Landon in his chair and dancing to the music!  A little chaotic, a lot of fun and the kids had a great time!


Britt said...

Aww I so wish I was that babysitter! They're adorable!!! Love them! Way to go managing to take them out!!