Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A day with her friend

Sunday we got together with Ryan and Melissa Betz for Hunter's 1st Birthday party which was a lot of fun! We met new people and also hung out with the Paulk's, which made Hailey's day! It kept getting better for her because they came over to our house after. Lately every blonde haired girl Hailey thinks is Riley. She was so excited to see her Sunday!

Hailey convinced Riley to go say hi to the nursing home folks! Both of them had their babies and their strollers. Both girls did so good! Hailey was so proud of having Riley there that she just walked into each room and said hi! Eventually the girls got smart (or lazy) and pushed each other!

At least they took turns!

I'm so thankful for Riley and her family! We all have so much fun together and it's really nice to have someone at about the same stage!


Britti said...

These pictures are adorable!!!!

The Paulk's said...

I love those pictures--we had a ton of fun seeing you guys this past weekend. I'm so glad Riley has a little friend to play with, and they play so well together. Hope to see you all again soon.