Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pollak Menagerie

This morning was quite eventful! Sugar got locked outside last night and I remember after I got out of the shower this morning so I opened up the front door to let him in when he wanted to come in. I looked out the front window and saw our turkey friends who are out almost everyday between 7-7:05am. There are about 20 of them all together, usually 5 adults and 15 babies. They usually start in the back of our house and walk around to the front, through Jerome & Delma's yard then finally across the street into the field. Today the "King Turkey" led the pack (not quite sure what a pack of turkeys are called :) to test the water and he got a surprise! Out jumped Sugar from the bushes! This scared the turkey and he made a lot of noise and ran back to the rest to get a buddy. The two of them tried to cross the yard, but Sugar was still there! They chickened out and got another. ...and another....and another! Strength in numbers! Finally 5 turkeys intimidated Sugar and he came running back in the house.

These are the first 4 turkeys. Sugar is just out of the shot to the right.

"King Turkey' is the furthest right.After the turkeys had full reign of the yard, the deer came! We had 4 deer total. Three came to the east of our yard and the last came up the driveway! The deer thought about coming up the yard but changed it's mind and stopped in the middle of the road to talk with the turkeys as they were crossing. It really looked like they were talking! The deer bent it's head down and the turkey looked up. The deer decided to go party with the turkeys and went back across the road. Nature amazes me! I was almost late for work but was glued to the window!


The Paulk's said...

Talk about a zoo in your back yard, Riley and I are coming sometime for a tour :).