Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trip to Muskegon

Absolutely ADORABLE! I just love this child! (I'm her mom though!) This weekend was her cousin Abrial's 2nd birthday party up in Muskegon. Hailey did great on the drive up there - she slept the whole way up which was nice for us. The birthday party was at a park and we just knew it was on Sherman Blvd, but really didn't know where. We just drove until the road ended at Lake Michigan. It was beautiful! We didn't see the signs showing us where the party was at the park so we just saw to go down to the beach. It was such a gorgeous day! Hailey loved being at the beach and playing in the sand as we walked trying to find the rest of the family. She was beautiful and I was able to snap a couple pictures without her noticing!

We walked a long ways on the beach and didn't find them, but noticed we had a stinky diaper on our hands so walked back up to the car to change her and saw the signs pointing the opposite way to her party. Nich's sister Amanda did a GREAT job organizing the party with lots of things for the kids to do. This picture was the kids bobbing for apples. All the other kids were playing with the apples in the water and throwing them around, but Hailey grabbed one out and started eating it. She's just watching the other kids, enjoying apple #3.

Picture of Hailey and Abrial swinging...not quite sure what they're looking at! They are a month apart. We're so lucky to have cousins so close in age!


Melanie Marie said...

Jennie, can I just say THANK YOU for teaching britt how to shop wisely! :) She always made fun of my deal shopping, but it looks like she's seeing the benefits. :) hee,hee.

love ya!

Mom/Nanny said...

I think she's adorable and beautiful and smart and......
but I'm her Nanny. :) You guys are awesome parents!