Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Monday

I know I left you all just hanging on the edge of your seats yesterday waiting to find out what we did Monday....but I have a super great story today! (real quick, promise!) Today on my drive home I didn't have to wait to turn left onto West Ave....I got all lights green....and pedestrians kept to the sidewalk! I know event number 1 & 2 probably sound rare and exciting but in Albion, it's such a noteworthy time to not have to dodge pedestrians while you're driving on the road! :) I knew it was going to be a good night. And it WAS! I made meatloaf!!

Ok on to Monday: Woke up early AGAIN and this time I got to get up with Hailey. I was really grumpy and did not want to be up, but she just has this way of making you smile and enjoy being with her! She and I shared a couple bowls of cereal. First Cheerios then Honey Bunches of Oats. Shared a couple bowls because she ate hers (Cheerios) then wanted some of mine (Honey Bunches of Oats) so I put a couple spoonfuls into her bowl then she gave me some back. She really takes care of me! After our breakfast she helped me do laundry. She brought armfuls of laundry out into the dining room where she picked up clothes for me to fold. Then we woke up Daddy to go to FULL BLAST water park! She was thrilled to get her "suit on" and kept saying "bye-bye," "Mommy suit on," "Daddy suit on" over and over! Here's some pictures of her playing in the water!
It took awhile to warm up to the water park, but she really had fun with the fountains! They had a zero entry pool so we didn't have to worry too much and she felt pretty independent being able to come and go as she pleased and not be held all the time!

She was rolling in the water like she did in the sand at the beach! Luckily she knew enough to stick out her hands when she rolled!

We stayed at Full Blast for about 1.5 hours - the right amount of time for her to enjoy it but not get too grumpy. Daddy packed a wonderful lunch and we drove to a bridge park to eat. We had to keep talking to Hailey on the drive to keep her awake enough to eat at the park!

Nothing too special about this picture I just love her pink spandex bike shorts!

Family picture on a train bridge. This park was so cool! It had old bridges from all across the state! We had a great time and just relaxed the rest of the day!


The Paulk's said...

I was waiting for this post :)...love the spandex leggings (cute booty), looks like you guys had a great day! Call me sometime soon. Lets catch up.

Britti said...

I love the meatloaf part!! You're tooo funny!!!!

Barney Family said...

i dunno how else to write you so...first of all cute pics! second, thanks for the post on my blog! it is really exciting! how are you doing? my email is as230982@arbor.edu if you wanna email me and we can communicate more!