Friday, September 12, 2008

JC Penney Pictures!

I'll have quite a few posts coming this weekend...I had 263 pictures on my camera since Labor Day weekend! Lots to come!

A couple weeks ago we got family pictures and some individual pictures of Hailey and they came in today! I took a picture of a picture so they're not the best, but still adorable! :)I love that Hailey's getting older because now we can really see how much she's looking like each of us! She definitely has a lot of her dad in her!

These two are my favorites!! The photographer managed to grab her camera just in time! After she took the top one Hailey just laid on the pedestal and we were able to get the perfect picture!

I was holding the flowers and we got a couple cute shots, but all of a sudden she picked up the watering can and started watering the flowers! She's such a sweetheart! I really like this batch of pictures because they're so Hailey!


Britti said...

I totally could have scanned the pictures and e-mail them to you!!! goofball - I still can if you want me to! Although, your photography of the photography is pretty good!

The Paulk's said...

So very cute, they even look better in color :)!!! She sure is getting so big, sad our babies are growing up :(!!