Saturday, September 13, 2008

Binder Park Zoo

I know I've said it before, but we are so lucky to have such great friends! Hailey and Riley are like best buds now and last weekend we all went to the zoo together. The girls were so cute together and we all had a lot of fun! Shelby beat me on posting our pictures, so you'll have to take a look at hers too!

The girls were brave enough to pet the little goats. Last time we took Hailey she wouldn't go in, but this time she was practically chasing the goats because she wanted to pet them!

They walked around most of the day either holding hands or walking right next to each other! The girls had just pet the goats, saw the rabbits and guinea pigs (or Mimi's as Hailey calls them. Her pet at daycare is a guinea pig named Mimi who only speaks Spanish!) when they saw the BIG slide! They were really excited to climb up the stairs, but not quite as excited to go down the slide...

Here's Hailey...shot right out of there!

Where's Riley?

Is she coming?

Daddy, do you see her?

There she is! Riley kinda got stuck at the top but enjoyed it! It didn't really take Riley that long to come down, we just thought it was hilarious that Hailey kept changing positions while she was looking for her! :)

The girls posing on an old wooden horse! There were lots of good photo ops!

Hailey and Daddy just chillin'. Don't you just love her sunglasses! She likes to wear them wherever we go now!

Group shot of all of us! Riley, Ty, Shelby, Lincoln, Me, Nich, Hailey!


Britti said...

Way Cute!!! When Nick and I were putting Hailey to bed the other night, she was pointing to pictures in a book and called the Guinea Pig: Mimi - I was confused... but it all makes sense now!!