Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Pretty" pri-tē

"Pretty" according to Merriam Webster Dictionary:
1 a
: artful , clever b: pat , apt2 a: pleasing by delicacy or grace b: having conventionally accepted elements of beauty

"Pretty" according to Hailey Pollak:
1 a: pink, b: layers and layers, c: nothing in Mommy's closet

Yesterday Nich, Hailey and I were dancing in the family room when all of a sudden Hailey stopped us! Mommy couldn't dance unless she was pretty! (what was I thinking?!) She wisked me upstairs saying "Mommy be pretty." She likes to pick out my clothes when we play dress up. She opened one drawer...and shut it. Opened a second...and shut it. I asked, "Didn't you find anything pretty" Hailey replies, "Nope." What Not to Wear has nothing on diva! Eventually we found a skirt and two shirts and I got to finish my dance.


Britti said...

I adore this child!!!!