Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Memories

This week was so much fun! I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner! We had to get cookies and gingerbread houses in one afternoon! Our day was off to a great start - Hailey got to wear her pretty Christmas dress to church. Which made her sooo happy! After church we had lunch at Taco Bell (Hailey now eats taco's by herself. Last week she ate 3 so her new nickname is Baby Taco). Then we went to Circuit City's store closing sale and got really great deals! We got home and it took 8 tries to get up the driveway! We kept getting stuck and eventually we got out and walked halfway up the driveway. After we got Hailey inside Nich and I went out to shovel and eventually get my car up! By the time we all got inside and settled it was 3pm and Hailey was wired! We changed her clothes into her other Christmas dress. That made her even more excited and needless to day, napless. We didn't want her to sleep all day so we took our chances and had a really fun day!Cheesin'!

Brittney had a cute little present box that we had Hailey open for pictures :)She was very proud of herself for turning on the outside Christmas lights! How adorable! :)

After a bit of goofying around Britt, Nich, Hailey and I built gingerbread houses. Or tried....
Our finished products! Hailey's, Nich's and mine!

We started out making gingerbread houses and that turned into just a fun, gooey mess! Rudolph the Red-Nosed Hailey!

Brittney and I made Christmas cookies and Nich helped decorate! We didn't realize how many we were actually making! Cookies for everyone!

More to come...I just wanted to get this posted before I left for work!


Britti said...

man it looks like we had tones of fun!!