Monday, December 29, 2008

Potty Training Breakthrough

We've officially started really potty training! I took the week of work and Hailey and I are doing it. We had a really rough rough that she ran out of the bathroom to her bedroom and SLAMMED the door! I can't believe it! We're starting attitude already! Anyways...on a brighter note! We went out shopping with friends and picked out big girl panties for Hailey. She was pretty excited because they were all shopping for her! We picked up about 6 packs of Bratz panties (I'm not a fan but they were $1.20 for a 3 pack!). I also bought a Cinderella Pez dispenser which did the trick! When we got home, we looked at all her panties and Pez which thrilled her. She tried right away to go potty so she could get a candy. Success! She picked out big girl panties and wore them all evening without an accident! She even stopped coloring, got off the couch, pulled down her panty and sat on the potty! ALL BY HERSELF! I was in another room! SO proud of her! She's gone three times with no prompting! And she wants to wear her big girl panty to bed. We took proper precautions and put waterproof pad under he bed, left a light on and we'll see! She went potty while I was up there (cleaning her room so she wouldn't be tempted to get out and play). Just wanted to let EVERYONE know! Hopefully we keep it up! Wish us luck!


Britti said...

luck wished!!!! Way to Go Hailey!!!

The Paulk's said...

YEAH Hailey!!! I hope she keeps it up, she's doing great!!