Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas's Galore!

Last weekend we had 3 Christmas's! Hailey was in heaven and pretty spoiled! :) We headed up to my parents Thursday and arrived around 6. They hadn't put up a Christmas tree so we got right to it! Hailey really enjoyed decorating a tree that was her size. She was a really good helper!

Hailey and Nana decorating the "baby Christmas tree."

Nana, Hailey and Papa. Hailey was amazed at the timer on the camera! It got us some great family pictures though!

Hailey, Nich, Nana, Me and Papa after decorating!

Everytime we go over to Nana & Papa's house Hailey has to wear her princess dress. We were all talking in the kitchen (on the other side of the wall from the tv) and didn't her any noises for awhile so we investigated and this is where we found her. She is her Daddy's daughter! Inches away from a 52" tv watching Higglytown Heros. :)

After the kiddo went to bed, and my brother got home we all played the Wii. The boys were having so much fun we had to start taking pictures and videos! The video was too long to post but hilarious of them playing tennis! Here's Dad, my brother Joe, his frind Justin and Nich. It's so funny to watch people play the Wii and not watching the screen!

Friday afternoon we headed over Grandma and Grandpa's house for Christmas with them. It was always tradition to spend Christmas Eve with them then have Christmas morning with my parents. We have a delicious dinner, open presents then the adults play card games. I love that tradition!

Hailey and Gram in front of their tree.

Hailey and I got matching aprons! Now we can bake cookies together, trust me I'll make sure to keep track of the ingredients...you don't want Hailey making them! :)

Grandma and Grandpa gave Hailey a mixer for Christmas and she played with it all night long. She was making cookies! Chip and pickle flavor...yum! Would you like a bite?!

Uncle Joe got her this really cool computer that she took everywhere with her. Yes...she is sitting on the potty playing the computer! It's a phonics one that she types the letter and it says the name and sound and shows an animal for each. She loves it and is still taking it everywhere! Good buy Joe!

Hailey playing with her new dress up princess dresses! Thankfully it came with a dress up trunk! You know Hailey, has to have layers and all the accessories!

Saturday night we headed over to Uncle John & Aunt Lisa's for our annual Maxwell Christmas party! Great food, fun, conversations and games! Here's a great family pic!

Left to Right, Back to Front...
Joe, Sarah, Jack, Chloe, Chris, Me
Aunt Lisa, Uncle John, Uncle Jim, Marty, Leslie, Curtis, Nich
Makayla, Morgan, Aunt Robin, Tyler, Lyle, Marty Jr, Meme, Hailey, Nana and Papa

We had a wonderful weekend! We're so thankful for such great family!


Mom/Nanny said...

Didn't we have fun?! The pictures turned out great. Hailey is such a joy to have. She just gets funner and funner all the time!!! Love you!

Britti said...

I actually read the whole blog cuz I didn't when I was sitting beside you, while you wrote it!! It looks like lots of fun was had!!!