Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun day with Britt

Couple of cute pic's of Britt and I!

Nich put a scarf around our necks while we were doing something and we thought it'd be a good photo opp!
I got my dress from my parents, and Britt has hers here to get fitted so we put on each other's dresses!

We decided to have tea party's in our dresses after she's married! Otherwise you don't ever wear your wedding dress after the wedding. Pretty good idea I all are welcome to join us!


Britti said...

I thought she looked beautiful in my dress!!!! For those of you who are seeing it for the first time - shhhh - don't go telling my Nick! He does't check this blog!!!!

Britti said...

Ps. her eyelashes kept tickling my face when we were tied together with the scraf!!!

The Paulk's said...

you guys are too funny, I'm not sure I could still fit into my dress, although it would be fun (or maybe depressing :)) to find out :).

PS. You both look beautiful! :)

Melanie Marie said...

why thank you for the invitation. I might just have to join you. :)