Wednesday, January 13, 2010

15 weeks

Our babies are 15 weeks old and 38 weeks gestation!  They're growing so much each day!  This week they all had repeat eye exams with great results!  The ROP laser eye surgery was a success for everyone!  Also, exciting news - we took and passed our CPR class!  One more step to coming home!  I hope we never have to use it, but at least we know what to do.  Without further adeu... :) 

Brennan Nicholas 5lbs 4oz (birth weight 1lb 4oz)

Brennan has done really good eating and breathing!  It's kinda the same old same old.  Working on eating and breathing.  We've been able to do so much more - we do a lot of their assessments (take their temperature, change diaper and oxygen saturation probe), feeds, diaper changes and baths.  It's really fun to start to see their personalities come out more and more.  He is the most relaxed, and getting so expressive!  He's the only one that hasn't sucked on his finger or hand.  It's so cute to watch him look more like a newborn - they change so much in even a few days.  He just needs to keep working on his feeds and breathing to come, he's doing really great!!ll!     

Landon James 6lbs 2oz (birth weight 1lb 7oz)
Landon is getting so big!  He has done a great job with breathing and has started to take some of his feed by bottle now.  They continue to watch Landon's ventricles and how much fluid is building up.  Although they are not sure if he needs a shunt, but most likely he will have to have it.  He will continue to have cranial ultrasounds to monitor the fluid, until they make a decision. 

Happy Brooklyn!

Sad Brooklyn!
Brooklyn seems to being doing better over the past few days.  She was doing amazing but over the last couple days she has began to "poop out" a little.  Over the next couple days they will begin to lower her oxygen to 1.5 liters!  She is also still doing really well on her feeds.   It's amazing to see her personality and how much she reminds of me of her big sister vibrant, cheerful and energetic!  This girl does not want to miss a thing.  We found a toy for her to watch to keep her busy otherwise she will stare at you the whole time!


The Denby's said...

I keep wanting to say, "How do you do it?"...but God quickly reminds me: His strength must be touching you every minute of every day. Prayers continue for you all.

Rebecca said...

love the pictures and update. brooklyn has a beautiful smile...and oh my her sad face makes me want to cry! you have 3 such adorable little babies!!

Britt said...

the Pout is amazing!! Hey do you have to do their laundry? Who picks out what they wear everyday... do the nurses? Do you have like a little dresser of clothes up there for them to choose from?
PS looking like Hailey is a great thing because she is soo darn cute!