Friday, January 8, 2010

14 weeks and Happy New Year!

Happy 14 weeks and 100 days old!  (Well that was when I started this on New Years Day!)  Makes it a lot easier to keep track of now!  This will probably be a quick update - with the holidays and being back and forth between home, work and Ann Arbor it's been so hard to keep this updated!  I'm sure you all understand, but I was really really trying to get this posted sooner!  New Years resolution - to update my blog better!  I want to have these memories to share with the babies as they grow up and can only remember them if I do it right away!  Oh well, here is the 14 week update and 15 weeks to come soon!  The only thing similar that happened this week is all three of them failed their newborn hearing test.  This is only measured at a decibel (whisper) so the docs are surprised and have ordered a more comprehensive test in 4 weeks.  I know they're not deaf, they turn toward us when we talk.  Just another hurdle.  Please pray!

Here's Brooklyn's most recent footprint compared to her birth footprint!  Can't believe how much they've grown in 14 weeks!  They are doing so good!

Brennan 4lbs 6 oz (birth weight 1lb 4oz)

Brennan had to go back on nasal cannula this week after making it 3 days without any assistance.  He was just too tired and unable to eat good.  He's taking bottles every other feed (the others through the feeding tube) and doing a pretty good job finishing.  Not too much growing wise for him, just staying steady!  The doctors "round" on all the babies every morning so check in, see how they're doing and make any changes.  Rounds on our babies now only take about 30 seconds!  We love it!  They're just growing now!

Landon 5lbs 11oz

He just gets huger and huger!  (That's HUGE - er!)  As you can see, he's gaining weight very nicely! :)  Overall he's doing great - taking between 10-20cc of a bottle (in only a few gulps - literally!  He take sabout 5cc per suck then has to guzzle it down) and on 40% oxygen on his nasal cannula.  It's so exciting watching him do this well!  His had his cranial ultrasound (every Monday) and his ventricles a little bigger.  The docs are waiting until Monday to see about shunt (even though I'm posting this so late, we still don't know!).  Landon is definitely a Mamma's boy!  I've held him so much and he just calms right down and goes to sleep.  I love it! :)   

Brooklyn 4lbs 6oz (birth weight 1lb 3.5oz)

The exciting news about Brooklyn is she's taken all her bottles on Thursday (New Years Eve)!  That's a HUGE step toward coming home!!  She woke up before each feed, was eager and took every bottle!  They started them out taking 1 bottle a shift (twice a day), then moved up to every other feed, then two feeds and 1 feeding tube rotation, and now she can take a bottle whenever she shows cues!  She hasn't been doing the best at gaining weight so they increased her feeding to 28 calories fortified, like Brennan.  About half is breastmilk so it's lasting so much longer!  5 of my bottles (what I get when I wake up in the morning!) feeds them for 24 hours because of adding formula.  Crazy!  She's doing well, same old Brooklyn along with the craving for bottle feeds!  We're so excited for her!

Thanks to Munn, we went to see a Piston's game on New Years Eve!  One of our last real getaways for awhile!  We went along with Nich's friend from childhood and his girlfriend and Munn.  His friend's sister watched Hailey for the day and had so much fun!  Pic to come in the morning of Nich & I infront of the Piston's shoe!

15 week update coming soon! 


jag said...

They are so so amazing! Every time I check in on you guys I am just in awe of how far they've come! Way to go! Lots of prayers as always.

Britt said...

Landon looks soo cozy in that picture!! I can't believe how big he is!! Crazy!!!

Britt said...

Landon looks soo cozy in that picture! I can't believe how big he is!! almost 6lbs!!

Rebecca said...

enjoyed the new update and pictures. the footprint comparison is amazing! they really are growing so much...little miracles. so precious.

Kimberly & Alex said...

i'm so glad to hear things are going so well, before you know it they will all be home in your arms. it's such an awesome feeling to have ALL of you family under one roof! soon girl soon!

Mary said...

I had 2 kids fail the hearing tests, one of my singletons Olivia and then one of my surviving quads, Samantha, they both passed at thier follow up appointments. It is common. Sending prayers they all pass with flying colors in 4 weeks.

How exciting they will be coming home soon!! Way to grow babies, keep up the good work.

Sending prayers,


Angie B said...

yay, and praying for them :)