Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Pictures!

Lots have been happening with our family lately! The babies are way more active and so much fun! Brooklyn too! :) She's going longer between her crying matches which makes for a much happier family! Brennan is sleeping at least 5 hours at night and Brooklyn slept through the night on Friday night! They're eating about 3 1/2-4 ounces every 3 hours during the day. Unfortunately I can't keep up and we've gone through our frozen stash so Saturday afternoon was their first formula bottle and they did great with it! I was a little sad to have to use formula (don't get me wrong, it's not that I love my pump!) I just wanted them to have breastmilk as long as possible. I made it just over 7 months. I'm still pumping and they're getting the majority breastmilk ( 2 bottles each a day of formula). We figured it out...once they get just formula, 1 can will last us about a day when Landon comes home, all the more reason to keep pumping - formula's expensive! Yep you heard right! Landon's coming home on Friday!! We're a little nervous since he's coming with a lot of luggage, but are absolutely thrilled!! Last Thursday we did his teaching to know how to use his Gtube and inhalers. It's a lot, but we can do it! Well without further's pictures of the kids this week! Can't wait to add Landon in! :)

I LOVE this picture of Brennan and Daddy! He is such an incredible man!

Brooklyn is doing great with her head! She is so content when she's on her belly! I think she's proud of herself :)
Hailey loves matching Brooklyn! My big girls! Hailey is such a great big sister! She gets their pacifiers, helps with baths, picks out their clothes and so many other things!

Brennan giving Mommy grins! He's so easy to get to smile and his entire face lights up!

Big girl sitting up in the Bumbo seat! She has such great head control and is so strong!

This past week, Brennan tried the Bumbo seat too! He did really well despite the meltdown. Boy do they ever feed off of each other, good and bad! I know they're upset, but I crack up whenever I see this pic!

Brooklyn talking in one of her happy moods! :)

And some videos to top it off! :) The babies are smiling so much now and I LOVE it!


melanie:::adorkable said...

Jennie! I was just going to message you and ask about Landon... so glad you posted this exciting news!!! And these fantastic pictures!!

Love you guys!! And we keep praying!

Britt said...

Jennie - these pictures are adorable!!! I'm soo excited that Brooklyn slept through the night!!!

Angie B said...

that is so awesome!!! great videos and pics and God is good!

Erin said...

Just a piece of info from someone who stumbled across this blog: alfalfa increases milk production. You can buy it in pill form. Hope it helps, I know keeping up w/ 3 is hard!