Friday, May 14, 2010

Sibling love

We absolutely love watching the kids interact! Even when they were first born they've had a connection, encouraging each other when one was struggling, cheering each other up. It's so neat to see!
Here's Brennan visiting Landon. Every time Brennan touched him he smiled and his whole face lit up! I LOVE this picture! You can see Nich smiling too! :)

The sweetness continues until....Brooklyn with the sneak attack! She apparently isn't a fan of the brothers bonding or being stuck right in the middle!


LMM831 said...

Jennie -

I hope you check your blog today because you have ot check out this blog's giveway of the day.

MoDLin said...

I just wanted to say that it makes me so happy to see all of your kids at home and interacting. This smiling photo is priceless.

Rachel said...

I just found your blog and had to comment! My quads were born at 23 weeks 5 days. Congrats on finally getting to enjoy all three of your babies at home! Your kiddos are beautiful, and I can't wait to read more about them!

The Denby's said...

I had our internet turned off on May you can see, it's back on mostly cause we missed your oh so imspirational blog. We are so thankful to be back! Congrats on having the family together and our prayers never stopped.